Pentagon Accused of Failing to Grasp UFO Threat to Nuclear Facilities; Declassified UFO Videos Shown in Congressional Hearing

The Pentagon has been accused of failing to grasp the UFO threat to nuclear facilities. The US Department of Defense officials have been criticized after admitting that they were unaware of UFO sightings over the US nuclear facilities in the past.

During the Congressional hearing on Tuesday, officials have maintained that there has been a jump in UFO encounters as nearly 400 such incidents took place in the past 20 years. They have also confirmed that there have been 11 near-miss collisions.

Pentagon showed declassified videos of UFO incidents
Pentagon showed declassified videos of UFO incidents Twitter

Pentagon Unaware of Malmstrom Incident

UFO researcher from the Scientific Coalition for UAP studies, Alejandro Rojas, stated that one of the biggest and scariest problems is that the DoD said they were not aware of the vast history of UAP over nuclear facilities, which seems to be the largest safety and security concern on this matter, according to The Sun.

During the hearing, officials admitted they were unaware of the Malmstrom incident as airmen saw a UFO in the sky in 1967 in Montana, where 10 nuclear weapons were disabled. Rojas called that their unawareness is terrifying and a matter of huge concern.

On Tuesday, the House Panel held its first congressional hearing on UFO first time in nearly 100 years. Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security Ronald Moultrie and Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray testified before the committee.

Pentagon Showed Declassified Videos of UFO Sightings

Bray showed lawmakers a previously classified video of a spherical object zooming past an F-18 fighter jet. The video showed a balloon-shaped object which Bray revealed is extremely complex to define the type of incident.

Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray Twitter

Bray pointed out that he does not have an explanation for this object and stated that finding UAP is harder than people think.

UFOs are Real, Could Pose Threat to National Security

Pentagon officials have confirmed that unidentified flying objects are real and have the potential to cause serious threats to US bases.

But they have maintained that there's no possibility that aliens would invade America anytime soon, according to Army Times. However, they have called for more research and observation to explain such events.

Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Ronald Moultrie, the Pentagon is trying to explain what may be a natural phenomenon, sensory phenomenon or legitimate counterintelligence threats to US military installations. "Hopefully, if we get more information out there, we'll start to lessen the impact of some of those spurious reports."

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