Triangular UFO Sighted over Canada; Footage Shows Flying Object With Weird Lighting Over Ontario

A 'triangular-shaped UFO' has been spotted over Canada's capital Ontario. The silent UFO was pictured by a couple during a sunset walk in Ontario.

Their footage showed a flying object in a triangular shape which has white lights and a large red light in the middle.

Triangular UFO seen over Canada
A triangular 'UFO' was seen over Canada Twitter

Mysterious Object Flew Across The Sky

"It doesn't look like a plane from here. It looks like a triangle," the man said in the video while recording. "It is a triangle with a red light in the middle," replied his wife.

The mysterious object is seen flying across the sky in the footage. The video was also picked up by truth-seekers from Disclose Screen who described the sighting as: "Amazing! Silent Tr-3B craft at low altitude filmed slowly cruising over beachfront, Ontario Canada," according to the Daily Star.

What is TR3B Aircraft?

The TR3B is a mystery aircraft that is believed to be designed by the military for space travel. UFO researchers consider that the aircraft could be the first Alien reproduction vehicle.

The TR3B Black Manta is believed to be a secret surveillance aircraft of the US Air Force. The aircraft is developed under a black project and the supersonic stealth plane has a different flying wing design.

The plane is also rumored to have been used in the Gulf War for giving laser designation to Lockheed Martin's nighthawk bombers.

Users on social media platforms have reacted to the triangular flying object as some called it a shot of the UFO while some called it a drone.

"Now that's a really clear shot of the ufo! You can see its distinct shape with all the lights separated from each other and not just some ball of light. Great footage, we need more like this," wrote a user. While others claimed, "Come on man. Just a drone. Good clean footage. American military technology."