UFO or Crashed Russian Jet? Bizarre Cloud Over Alaska Mountain Stirs Strange Theories

Pictures showing grey and white plumes emerging over Alaska's Lazy Mountain appeared on social media this week, endorsing speculations it could be a UFO phenomenon or the result of the crashed Russian jet.

It gathered much attention that authorities had to order Alaska Rescue Coordination Centre and Alaska State Paratroopers to launch an investigation into a plane crash.

Alaska bizzare cloud
Alaska bizarre cloud Twitter

A rescue crew and a chopper were sent to survey the places, however, nothing suspicious was found and there was no sign of any crashed aircraft. But multiple theories have emerged online suggesting multiple possibilities.

UFO Phenomena or Jet Crash?

On a Facebook page named Alaska Buzz, a user wrote, "We saw this on the way to school this morning as well. Very eerie!"

While others claimed that it could be a meteor. "Looks like a meteor. I wonder where it landed," another user said.

Some have suggested that the incident could have been triggered by a satellite. "Could it be a satellite? It's so strange."

Contrail From a Commercial Jet

However, finally, US authorities rejected all the speculations and explained that it was actually a contrail from a commercial aircraft.

Alaska bizarre cloud
Alaska bizarre cloud Twitter

Officials' investigation has found that a large commercial jet was flying in that area around the time that the photos and video were taken.

Authorities had made contact with the aircraft which was on its way to New York.

Officials believe that the bizarre cloud which was shown in the pictures emerged when the contrail of the commercial jet combined with the rising sun, causing the unique atmospheric sight.

It came as a US pilot, who had filmed Tic Tac UFO encounters expressed his shocking encounter to the US Senators.

Secret evidence given to lawmakers about a 2015 incident shows the military man thought the craft was part of his training. Statements regarding the encounters were released this week.

"Towards the end of one of the night flights (redacted) was conducting during the at-sea period, he and his pilot detected an air contact via (redacted) coming from the east and heading towards the ship," read the statement, according to The Sun.