Pennsylvania Girl, 10, Dies While Filming Viral TikTok 'Blackout' Challenge

Nyla Anderson, 10, in an attempt to film the TikTok 'Blackout' challenge, held her breath till she passed out in her bedroom, and was later declared dead in the hospital.

A 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl died while filming a viral TikTok challenge. The fateful tragedy unfolded at the family's home in Chester, Pennsylvania on December 12, when 10-year-old Nyla Anderson died attempting the viral 'Blackout' challenge. The viral TikTok challenge stimulates the participants to hold their breath until they pass out. The said challenge has already been linked to several child deaths in America.

Nyla Anderson died in her bedroom while attempting to hold her breath until she passed out for the challenge. Her mother, Tawainna Anderson is now warning other parents about the grave danger of the said TikTok challenge. Tawainna told ABC7 that it's important for parents to check their kids' phones. "'You never know what you might find on their phones. You wouldn't think 10-year-olds would try this," she said.

Nyla was rushed to a hospital as soon as she was found unconscious by her family members. The doctors, however, were not able to save her life. A social worker at the hospital, Elizabeth Wood explained that the tween was in her bedroom at her own home, with family members present, when the tragedy struck.

Nyla Anderson
Nyla Anderson Screen grab - ABC7 via DailyMail

'No one was in the bedroom when it happened'

"But no one was in the bedroom with her when this happened, so there was no one there to save her," Wood said. Nyla Anderson's parents attributed her death to the viral TikTok challenge. Authorities, however, have not released a cause of the death. According to medical experts, a lack of oxygen while holding breath could trigger cardiac arrest, organ damage, and brain damage. It is not clear if Nyla suffered any of the aforementioned ailments as of yet.

'Nyla was a happy child'

According to her obituary, Nyla Anderson is survived by her mother, twin brother Nakye, brothers Kevin and Lammarr, grandmother Phyllis, great-grandfather A. Kerbo and several relatives. Nyla, who attended the Chester Community Charter School and spoke three languages, was described as fun and bright. "She was a happy child," Tawainna said. The grieving mother is now encouraging other parents to talk to their kids about their social media use.

The Anderson family
The Anderson family Screen grab - ABC7