Mississippi Woman Livestreams Sex with Husband on Facebook Live as Her Own Dad and Friends Tune In

The couple were totally unaware that their private moments were being captured on camera and realized it only after a friend saw what was happening and alerted her.

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A Mississippi woman is embarrassed after she accidentally livestreamed herself having sex with her husband on Facebook Live when dozens of her friends tuned in to watch her X-rated romp including her own dad. The woman, in a recently posted video on TikTok said that she cried an entire week after learning that her dad watched her engaged in wild sex with her husband.

The incident has since left the woman embarrassed and made her make the shocking confession in a video posted on Saturday. She also said that the couple luckily realized their mistake and turned off the streaming but that didn't help much.

Most Embarrassing

The embarrassed woman
The embarrassed woman who livestreamed having sex with her husband TikTok

The TikTok user with the handle @rroberson16 woman said she and her husband luckily realized their mistake in the first few seconds so their friends who had tuned in to watch their sex romp didn't get to see them bare-faced in their dressing gown around 4pm on a Tuesday.

"Randomly remembering that one time last year when I accidentally went live on Facebook while I was in pound town, and 46 people saw it, including my own father," the brunette captioned her video. "I cried for a week straight."


"I thought my life was over," the mom of one further confessed. "My husband still thinks it's hilarious." Her husband might think it to be funny but the woman still can't forget the embarrassment she suffered following the goof up.

More than anything what she regrets is that her own dad watched her in the act. Naturally, the couple were totally unaware that their private moments were being captured on camera. She realized it only after a friend saw what was happening and alerted her.

Funny or Embarrassing

TikTok sex livestream

The video has racked up over 170,000 views in the past three days and left TikTok users equally scarred by the "live" function. The woman also explained how the mistake happened. She was simply browsing Facebook when her husband snuck up on her and they began getting amorous, without realizing that the video was on and everything was being recorded and livestreamed.

"I just set my phone down without locking it and managed to somehow click the button to go live," she recalled. "My best friend kept calling me so it would say 'Broadcast interrupted.'" However, she got so caught up in the moment that she even ignored calls from friends who were trying to alert her.

Meanwhile, her dad clicked on the live feed only to exit seconds later after realizing what his daughter was up to. Thankfully, her phone didn't broadcast any visuals of the sex session, but the couple's moans and sighs were able to be heard loud and clear.

TikTok Couple

The Mississippi mama says her dad initially ignored the fact that he had tuned into his daughter's lusty livestream. "He said when he realized what was going on, he just got off and acted like it never happened — but he has made a joke about it one time since," she stated.

The viral video has now left users in splits. One joked: "New fear unlocked..."

"Well on the bright side, could anything more embarrassing happen? Probably not - so it's only up from here!" one user wrote trying to cheer her up.

"My soul would have left my body right then and there," a third said.

"I would simply delete all social media, change my name and move away," yet another viewer wrote.

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