#PedoBiden Tweet: President Trump Under Fire For Supporting Joe Biden Pedophile Charges

Stephanie Carter, the woman in the viral video, had defended Biden by calling him a close friend.

US President Donald Trump was under fire after he retweeted an earlier post accusing rival Democratic Presidential Joe Biden of being a pedophile. Containing the hashtag #PedoBiden, the post featured a short video of Biden placing his hands on a woman's shoulder.

Earlier in May, Donald c., had posted a meme on his Instagram page which featured Biden telling an alligator, "See you later, alligator." The alligator is heard replying, "In a while, pedophile." Defending his post, Trump Jr, captioned the post, "That said, there's definitely way too many Creepy Joe videos out there!"

Joe Biden
Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden in the viral clip. Twitter

What is the truth Behind the Video Accusing Biden of Being a Pedophile ?

The original tweet carrying the hashtag #PedoBiden was posted by a user with the handle @ConservUSA38. The caption accompanying the clip read: "We can beat them at their game. #PedoBiden". The woman in the video was identified as Stephanie Carter, the wife of the then defense secretary Ash Carter. The clip is from the swearing-in ceremony of Carter in February 2015.

In the short clip, Biden is seen leaning on the woman with his hands placed on her shoulder as he whispers something in her ear. However, coming to the defense of Biden, the woman in the video clarified the rumors associated with the viral clip, in 2019.

Rejecting the claims of the former Vice President Biden being inappropriate with her, Stephanie called him a close friend who was helping her get through a big day.

Last year in a post on Medium, Stephanie wrote that by the time then-Vice President Biden had arrived [at the ceremony], he could sense that she was uncharacteristically nervous and quickly gave her a hug. "After the swearing in, as Ash was giving remarks, he leaned in to tell me, 'Thank you for letting him do this' and kept his hands on my shoulders as a means of offering his support."

Netizens Lash Out at Trump For Fake Claims

The latest tweet by Trump aiming to defame Biden backfired badly after a lot of social media users criticized the US President for stooping to low levels.

"But yet pedoBiden is allowed??? A man with NO charges of SEXUAL ASSAULT, trump has more than 20 several were minors," wrote a user.

"In a perfectly normal thing to be happening in a functioning democracy, the official Donald J. Trump Twitter account of the president of the United States retweeted something that was using the hashtag #PedoBiden" tweeted one.

"Everyday idiot sinks America to a lower level..there is no bottom for him. There is not a finer man alive than Joe Biden, regardless of what you think of his politics," said another.