Paul Poloczek Cause of Death: Polish Bodybuilder's 'Sudden Demise' Stirs Talks of Heart Attack, Steroid Use on Social Media

Polish bodybuilder Paul Poloczek died within hours of competing in the NPC Worldwide Championship in Germany. The 37-year-old's death was confirmed via social media post from his wife.

The cause of the bodybuilder's death has not been revealed yet either by the family members or the doctors.

Polish bodybuilder Paul Poloczek
Polish bodybuilder Paul Poloczek Twitter

Wife Remembers Bodybuilder in Tragic Post

Announcing the death of the bodybuilder, his wife, Kathrin DeNev, wrote on Instagram, "Bodybuilding was your life. You are not forgotten, you live on in our hearts. We will love you forever." She also posted a black ribbon along with pictures of Poloczek's with the couple's daughter.

The Mirror reported that prior becoming bodybuilder, Poloczek played football. A year after joining the new sport, Poloczek claimed his first win at 17. He also won the second place at the German Championships in the Super-Heavyweight division in 2012, the outlet report.

He received his pro card after winning the Arnold Classic Amateur tournament in Ohio, in 2017. He took a break from the sport and returned to the Europa Pro in 2021, where he finished 16th.

In 2002 Poloczek joined the Powerhouse Gym franchise in Oehringen, Germany, and later on became its owner.

Fans Mourn Poloczek's Death on Social Media

Soon after the news about his death broke, social media was flooded with condolence messages for the dead bodybuilder. "RIP Bodybuilder Paul Poloczek Dead at 37," wrote a user, "Sorry for your loss," expressed another.

Meanwhile, several people wondered if the bodybuilder's death was triggered by a heart attack or other health related ailment. "37. No cause. After tournament. (There's some research to suggest adrenaline plays a role in triggering heart attack in V damaged.) - Bodybuilder Paul Poloczek #suddenlydies hours after tournament," tweeted a user.

"Paul Poloczek, 37 joins a ever growing list of professional bodybuilders to die suddenly in recent months. Many suffering heart related deaths," wrote another.

"I think is the 3rd of these guys to die in a few months - and the bodybuilding community publicly denies steroids as a cause," wrote one as another added, "Avoid the 'roids."

"Mystery as Polish bodybuilder dies aged 37, hours after tournament leaving partner heartbroken What is consistent is the media reporting these deaths as a "mystery", vaccination must be the leading cause of mysteries at the moment," read a tweet.