Teacher's Mistake in Uvalde Massacre? Gunman Entered Classroom as Door Was Closed, Not Locked

The initial claims made by the law enforcement authorities about the teacher leaving the door propped open with a rock that let the gunman in the classroom during Uvalde school massacre have created a furor on social media. People from US and across the globe have lashed out at the teacher concerned blaming her for the loss of precious lives.

However, the state authorities have retracted on their previous statement adding that the teacher, soon after realizing that a gunman had entered the school premises, removed the rock and closed the door. But she could not lock the door due to some malfunction.

Confused and distressed over the chain of events, some of the social media followers have even accused the teacher of being a co-perpetrator of the gunman Salvador Ramos adding that it was a planned massacre.

Robb Elementary School, Uvalde

Police Department's Investigation Inconclusive

A faction of the social media followers is saying that police authorities are not being transparent about the shooting incident and have failed to fix the responsibility of the neglectful school staff.

A report published by USA Today stated that initially the police confirmed about the door being propped open by the teacher with a rock which was not removed before the gunman entered. Now, according to a new development the police department has established that the teacher closed the door but it wasn't locked. The investigation is on to ascertain the reason for the door not being locked, the report stated further.

The inconclusive investigation by the police department has added to the anguish and helplessness of the families of the victims and the general public.

A Twitter user expressed his views stating, "everybody wants to blame guns for the Uvalde shooting, nobody wants to condemn the teacher who disobeyed security protocols and propped a door open for the perpetrator to enter. Why?"

"NEW: More conflicting information about the Uvalde shooting. The lawyer for the Uvalde school teacher who propped open a back door to the school said she CLOSED the door when the shooter was approaching," shared another user.

A tweet read, "A Texas official said Tuesday that a teacher closed a door to Robb Elementary School in Uvalde that had been propped open before a gunman entered the building, retracting details on the shooting that they had previous provided."

Another tweet stated, "They have now determined that the teacher, PROPPED THE DOOR OPEN WITH A ROCK, but then REMOVED THE ROCK and closed the door when she REALIZED THERE WAS A SHOOTER ON CAMPUS The #Uvalde shooting is looking more and more like a planned operation!"