Park Yoochun has been given a clean chit following his ongoing sexual assault case involving four accusers. The singer was under scanner for molesting four women in the bathroom of adult entertainment center at different times. He was accused of first sexual assault on 4 June.

On 11 July, the Seoul Gangnam police released a statement stating the former TVXQ member cannot be found guilty due to the fact that there was no violence and threatening involved. The official note read: "As it is difficult to prove the use of force, the charges of sexual assault are not valid. He will be acquitted." In addition, the police also affirmed that the statements given by Yoochun and witnesses do not conclude to sexual assault.

The police have culminated the investigation, and the results will reportedly be sent to the prosecutor's office by the end of this week. Meanwhile, the police will carry on its investigation on the countersuit filed by Yoochun's sideagainst the first accuser in lieu of blackmailing.

As per reports, Miss Lee was found to have blackmailed the 30-year-old for about 100 million Won ($86,568 USD) in exchange for keeping quiet about his sexual relations with the woman. In addition to it, police are also planning to file arrest warrants for blackmail against the three involved, reports suggested.