Park Soo Hong's Brother Denies Stealing $9 M; Shocked Comedian Reacts With Tears, Warning

Park Jin Hong says his brother had free access to business card, owned three apartments and eight stores, Park Soo Hong warns of legal action.

Family issues of TV personality Park Soo Hong are out in the open again. After being silent for months Park Soo Hong's brother Jin Hong reacted to the claims of stealing the celebrity's lifetime savings worth $9 million. Park Jin Hong has denied the claims and said that his celebrity brother had access to the business card along had amassed property.

Park Jin Hong refuted the claims that he had scammed Park Soo Hong of his earnings. He agreed to the fact that he had not seen his brother since June 2020, but said that he was not avoiding him. He also said that he was living in the house adjacent to his parent's house and if Park Soo Hong wanted to meet him, he could have easily done so. Earlier, Park Soo Hong had claimed that he tried to reach out to Park Jin Hong but he was not able to contact him.

Park Soo Hong
Comedian, presenter Park Soo Hong shed tears while speaking about his family, problems. Youtube Screengrab

Park Jin Hong's Claims

Giving an explanation, Park Jin Hong has said that Park Soo Hong's salary was $177,192 [200 M Won]. As per advice of his accountant he had asked Park Soo Hong to only receive 200-300 million Won, a year to save on taxes.

He also said that Park Soo Hong had free aces to business card for the shopping centre. He also said that with the money he had earned, Park Soo Hong had brought three apartments in his name and also was owner of eight stores brought from the mutual investment they made together.

Park Soo Hong too reacted to brother's denial of claims. The TV personality stated that Park Jin Hong's claims were false. "His [Park Jin Hong's] claims are lies that obscures the essence of the facts," said Park Soo Hong.

Park Soo Hong Warns of Legal Action

The TV celebrity's representative also spoke about embezzlement of money when the two brothers ran the business together. According to the lawyer, Park Soo Hong is a victim. His legal representatives also said that their side is planning to take legal action against Park Jin Hong.

Park Soo Hong is a well-known presenter and comedian in the South Korean entertainment industry. In 2004, he had hosted the 2004 MBC Entertainment Awards, along with Kim Won Hee. He was also the host of 41st Baeksang Arts Awards in 2005. He was chosen as the KBS Drama Awards host in 2017. The following year he was the host of Miss Korea pageant, along with Girl's Day Yura. He is also the host of programme Dongchimi since 2012. However, one of his shows The Ugly Duckling's latest episodes were cancelled after the presenter's family issues became public.

But since two years he was in a slumber and recently opening up about his situation. Park Soo Hong had told that he was under depression because of the family issues. Park Soo Hong had then spoken about his brother Park Jin Hong of cheating him of his savings as he was managing the star's finances. Park Soo Hong, 41, had also told that he had someone he loved and wanted to marry, but his family had opposed his decision, leaving him single even to this day.