Park Soo Hong's My Ugly Duckling New Episode Cancelled over Financial Dispute in Family; Mother out of the Show?

The forthcoming episode of My Ugly Duckling, which is also known as Mom's Diary: My Ugly Duckling, has been cancelled due to Park Soo Hong's family issue. The comedian is in the news over a financial dispute with his brother and sister-in-law.

Park Soo Hong
Park Soo Hong Instagram

His brother and sister-in-law are being accused of taking away all the earnings of Park Soo Hong, who is now going through depression due to the unexpected shock. Hence, SBC has decided not to air the episode as the 51-year old is going through a difficult time.

Will his Mother be Removed from My Ugly Duckling?
On the other hand, netizens have extended their support to Park Soo Hong while slamming his brother and sister-in-law for cheating him. Further, his mother is also under attack as people feel she had her support to his brother. So, they have demanded her removal from My Ugly Duckling in which she is a fixed guest along with her son.

However, the makers have no plans to remove her from the show. "There has been no decision made in regards to Park Soo Hong's mother's removal from the show," Koreaboo quotes a representative as telling to OSEN.

Park Soo Hong Denies his Parents' Involvement
Even Park Soo Hong has requested people not to target his parents as they have no role in the issue. On his Instagram page, he wrote, "There is one thing that I want to tell you all. My parents had no prior knowledge of this unfortunate circumstance. My biggest fear is putting this pain upon my parents and creating concerns. I ask that there will be no negative backlash regarding my parents."

The show is telecast every Sunday on SBS at 9:05 pm.

What is the Controversy All About?
In the last few days, rumours were doing rounds about Park Soo Hong's brother swindling his earnings for the past three decades. The estimated cheating amount stands at 10 billion won ($8.8 million). The issue was first brought to people's attention by an unknown person on the comedian's YouTube channel.

Later, Park Soo Hong admitted that he was cheated by his brother and sister-in-law. "It is true that I suffered financial losses at my previous agency. It's also true that that agency was run in my brother and my sister-in-law's names. After 30 years, I realized much of what I have achieved isn't mine. Although I was shocked and tried to talk it out to set things right, I have been unable to get a response," he confirmed in a post on Instagram.

Park Soo Hong's finances have been managed by his brother for three decades. He trusted them and never suspected them of cheating him someday. However, he got shocked recently when he realised that there was not much in his account and all his savings were in the names of his brother, sister-in-law, nieces and nephews.

It is now said that his brother opposed his marriage proposals, thereby ensuring that he remains single. His brother feared that they would lose access to his finances if the actor ties the knot.