Comedian Park Soo Hong's Family Stopped Him from Marrying, Brother Took Away His Money

Park Soo Hong's elder brother is said to have fled Korea with the TV personality's earnings of 30 years amounting to nearly $9 Million.

Popular TV personality Park Soo Hong has revealed details regarding his life's earnings and personal life. After a netizen posted on social media that his brother had taken away his life earnings, the comedian took to Instagram to clarify on the issue and requested netizens not to involve his parents in the matter. He also revealed the reason behind his single status.

The 51-year-old comedian confirmed that his elder brother, in the guise of managing his agency, had swindled him of 30 years' of his earnings. "The rumors about the financial issues with my former agency are true. The rumors that the former agency was listed under my brother and my sister-in-law are also true. After spending 30 years, I found out that my hard work and my income that I received were taken from me," he wrote.

Park Soo Hong
TV personality Park Soo Hong has revealed that he has been swindled of his life earnings by his elder brother. Instagram

He also said that the news came in as a shocker to him and he tried to reach out to them, but in vain. "I wanted to catch them, but even until now, I have yet to receive a response from them," he said. Park Soo Hong is said to have gathered evidences against his brother's doings. "I have reached out once again to have a conversation. This will be my last request and if they don't respond, I don't think I will be able to view them as family again," he said.

Requesting netizens not to drag his parents in this matter, he said: "My parents had no prior knowledge of this unfortunate circumstance. My biggest fear is putting this pain upon my parents and creating concerns. I ask that there will be no negative backlash regarding my parents."

Why is Park Soo Hong Single?

Park Soo Hong also revealed that he did love someone, but the family members were against him getting married. He also said that he is still not married because of the pressure of family members and poor financial conditions. In fact, five years ago too he had revealed in The Ugly Duckling show that he once had a woman he loved and desired to marry her. "I really wanted to [marry], but my family opposed it so I didn't," he had told SBS.

He is said to have told that they did not allow him to get married as they would lose control over his earnings. But the comedian has specified that he no longer will allow them to control his finances.

Troubles began for Park Soo Hong when he set up a one-man agency Lael Entertainment. As his brother was struggling to make ends meet, he asked him to be his manager. As he did not suspect his family, he allowed his brother and sister-in-law to manage his finances. They convinced him that the money was in his savings account and took full control of his finances.

After 30 years of TV appearances Park Soo Hong felt something was fishy and decided to check on his savings. But he was shocked to see his life earnings of about $8.86 million were saved under the name of his brother, sister-in-law and nieces and nephews.

The Whistle-blower

The news first broke when a netizen commented on Park Soo Hong's YouTube video revealed that the comedian was being swindled by his elder brother. "As someone watching from the side, I could no longer just stand to witness their wrongdoings. Currently, Park Soo Hong is struggling with severe depression after discovering these facts," he commented.

Park Soo Hong had confessed to family problems when he took part in TV program MBN's Dongchimi and SBS's new series Beauty and the Beast. Without specifying the details he had said, "Currently I am living the hardest year of my life. I thought to myself, this is how people die."

In the wake of family controversy, SBS has decided not to air My Ugly Duckling this week. The show is receiving backlash as along with Park Soo Hong, his mother is also a permanent member of the show. Both have appeared as fixed guests on the show since its pilot episode that was aired in 2016.