Park Seo Joon reveals his ideal type

Following Taiwan, Park Seo-joon will be visiting Singapore, as part of his Asia fan meet.

Fight My Way
Kim Ji-won and Park Seo-joon in a still from KBS drama 'Fight My Way.'

Park Seo-joon impressed viewers with his well-received KBS romance drama 'Fight My Way.' His chemistry with Kim Ji-won was the highlight of the show. In real life, however, Park Seo-joon is yet to find his lady love. But, he has clear idea of what he seeks in his future significant other.

As noted by website Soompi, Park Seo-joon visited Taiwan for a fan meeting on October 21. The 'Hwarang' actor spoke to the Taiwanese press before the fan meeting began. On being asked about his ideal type, Seo-joon said, "I think it's important to take good care of yourself, so I also want my significant other to be someone who takes good care of herself. Also, I want us to have similar hobbies and interests."

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The 'Midnight Runners' actor added that he would not date publicly, for privacy reasons. "My life is not mine alone. I don't want someone else to feel unnecessary discomfort or pain because of me," he said.

Park Seo-joon also revealed that he is very different from fighter Go Dong-man; the character he played in 'Fight My Way.' He said that unlike his screen counterpart, he isn't talkative in real life but rather shy. "Every time I received the script, I frequently thought that it'd be nice if my personality was similar to Dong Man's," he said.

For playing the character of Go Dong-man, based on Japanese mixed martial artist Yoshihiro Akiyama, also known as Choo Sung-hoon, Seo-joon had to go through some intense training for about two months. The result was his taut physique, displayed for viewers on the TV screen. When asked which part of his body he is most confident in, Seo-joon said it was his lower half. "My butt is good thanks to the genetics passed down from my parents," the actor said.

It was also revealed that Park Seo-joon will travel to Singapore next, after Taiwan, to continue his Asia fan meet tour. He will also be attending the 2017 Asia Artist Awards. The ceremony will take place on November 15 at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, in Seoul, South Korea.

This article was first published on October 23, 2017