Song Hye Kyo glows in recent Vogue pictorial as her wedding date approaches

Song Hye Kyo poses for pictorials with Vogue Korea and talks about her life and her wishes.

Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye-kyo.

Hopefully, there's no sane person on this planet, who would deny Song Hye-kyo's ethereal beauty. It doesn't matter whether she's wearing makeup or is barefaced, there are few women in Asia, perhaps even the world, who could match the perfection that is Song Hye-kyo. The top Hallyu star is getting married to her 'Descendants of the Sun' sweetheart, Song Joong-ki, this October 31 and posed for a pictorial recently. The extra glow in her face may be from the happiness she's feeling about her upcoming marriage.

On October 21, Vogue Korea published a series of photographs from a recent pictorial shoot with Song Hye-kyo titled 'Gaia is the Wind.' Gaia is said to be an ancient deity who is the personification of earth. The photos were taken at the Malibu Ranch in Los Angeles. Here, Hye-kyo sported a variety of outfits ranging from tweed jackets to goddess dresses; which was fitting. She even wore a cowboy hat and stood next to a beautiful horse, to complete the 'Western' feel. The 'Descendants of the Sun' actress also spoke about various aspects of her life and her career.

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Speaking to Vogue Korea, Song Hye-kyo expressed that she hates happy endings in films or television dramas and looks for realistic roles. The 35-year-old actress talked about enjoying her career during her twenties and said she wants to keep working hard in her thirties as well. Song Hye-kyo also talked about being an old soul and a mature person. She revealed that she used to be more envious, greedy and jealous in her twenties.

Song Hye-kyo also said that she wants to maintain a photo album where she can record her transformation as she ages. She revealed how she doesn't like people who hated her a lot in the past and wishes they'd just leave her be and continue with their lives. She prefers living in the moment and not planning too much. Song Hye-kyo also said that she likes enjoying simpler things in life, like sitting at a table with loved ones and talking about both sad and joyful things.

Previously, Song Hye-kyo was seen sporting a white dress for the cover of the November issue of Vogue Korea. That issue had been aptly titled 'Life is Beautiful.' There is an ethereal quality about the images featuring Song Hye-kyo, that is unmistakable. Apart from Hye-kyo's otherworldly beauty, credit must be given to the photographer for bringing a purity and dream-like quality to the images.

Watch the 'Gaia is the Wind' clip from Vogue Korea below.

This article was first published on October 23, 2017
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