Park Eun Bin reveals her desire to have more male friends

Park Eun-bin spoke about working with Son Seung-won in 'Age of Youth 2.'

Park Eun-bin
Park Eun-bin and Son Seung-won.

Actress Park Eun-bin had one significant realisation while being a part of 'Age of Youth 2;' she should have more male friends. She also talked about the experience of working with actor Son Seung-won and gave her thoughts on the ending.

As noted by website Soompi, Park Eun-bin sat down for an interview recently, to discuss the filming experience of her recently concluded drama. Here she revealed that acting in the 'Age of Youth' series has made her want more male friends. "Even though it was only acting, I realised I should make more guy friends [in real life]," she said.

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She said this while talking about working with Son Seung-won, who plays one of the closest friends of hers in the JTBC drama. Park Eun-bin revealed that both she and Son Seung-won are shy in nature and feel awkward around others. However, she said, "We got along well because we felt comfortable even when we weren't talking."

She then talked about the chemistry between her character Song Ji-won and Im Sung-min, played by actor Son Seung-won. Im Sung-min was one of Song Ji-won's friends who stood by her through tough times. Even though it was obvious how Sung-min felt towards Ji-Won, the two remained close friends till the end but did not become a couple. However, that does not mean there's no hope for the future.

Speaking on the issue, Park Eun-bin said, "I tried to let the viewers feel the changed atmosphere between Song Ji-won and Im Sung-min in the final episode." The 'Age of Youth' actress added, "What kind of friend would stay by her side while Song Ji Won went through all those things? I was jealous of Song Ji Won for that."

Park Eun-bin also said, "Song Ji-won's not dumb, so she definitely would've realised how Im Sung-min felt towards her by the end," the actress pointed out. "I think it'll be hard for her to meet a man better than Im Sung-min," she added.

Even though she had realised her need for more male friends, Park Eun-bin was not that enthusiastic in talking about dating. "I haven't thought about dating publicly," she said. She also revealed she wasn't in a relationship at the moment.

This article was first published on October 21, 2017