Park Seo Joon: Netizens Criticize Concrete Utopia Actor Following Stage Greeting Event

Park Seo Joon received criticism from netizens after a social media user shared a short clip of the actor attending a stage greeting event. The footage featured the actor refusing to accept a gift from an attendee. The video captured the attention of several netizens. They criticized him for his rude behavior.

With only a few days left before the release of Concrete Utopia, Park Seo Joon is busy with promotional activities for the upcoming South Korean disaster-thriller film. But he addressed the controversy by releasing an official statement on his fan cafe.

The actor explained the situation and requested his fans to understand why he refused to wear the headband. He asked his fans to stay strong and not to fear commotion when they were together. The actor said the presence of his fans keeps him strong.

Park Seo Joon
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Here is the Complete Statement:

Park Seo Joon
Park Seo Joon Instagram/Park Seo Joon

The Controversial Post

An exclusive report by a media outlet quoted an anonymous netizen and shared a post by the person. The post featured the actor addressing his fans during a stage greeting event for his upcoming film Concrete Utopia. He attended the program with Park Bo Young, who played his partner in the movie.

When the actor was interacting with the fans, an attendee came forward and handed over a couple headbands prepared by the person to Park Bo Young. The actress took the headbands and gave one of them to her co-star. He refused to accept the gift and made hand gestures indicating that he sprayed his hair.

Meanwhile, the person who brought the headbands clarified the situation.

"Due to the inability to approach Park Seo Joon directly, I gave the headband to Park Bo Young. I didn't ask them to wear it either. After the stage greeting event, he (Park Seo Joon) even accepted my fan letter," the fan wrote.