Actor Park Seo Joon Faces Controversy After Old Interview Reappears Online

Actor Park Seo Joon, who is popularly known for his role as Proprietor Park Sae Ro Yi in JTBC drama Itaewon Class, is facing a controversy due to an old statement made by him during an interview in 2014. In the interview, he explained his ideal type of woman. The quote recently reappeared online, and it captured the attention of many netizens.

In the controversial statement, the Itaewon Class star described his future spouse as a stay-at-home mother who can take good care of his children. The actor said his mother raised him, and he wants his wife to take care of their children. It is because an individual's childhood molds his character, and an unloved kid may grow up as a problematic adult, he explained.

"I heard a person's childhood shapes his or her perspective on life. It seems that unhappy childhood leads to problematic adult life. They may not have good social skills or could end up being a felon to be extreme. I will be their good fatherly figure, but the children need their mother. It could be wrong, but to me, this is an answer now," Allkpop quoted the 32-year-old actor.

Park Seo Joon
Park Seo face backlash after an old statement about his future spouse reappears online. Facebook

The controversial statement resurfaced online, and several social media users started questioning The Divine Fury actor's "old" and "patriarchal beliefs" about his future wife. Some social media users were also curious to know if he believes that children raised by working women are unloved. A few of the netizens even said that he should have been more thoughtful with his words.

Check out the netizens' reactions below:

"I understand he wants someone to be a stay-at-home mother. But saying someone could end up being a felon? That crossed the line," a netizen wrote.

"Lol I will never look at him the same way I used to see him," another netizen stated.

"OMG! He has no idea about how his words could hurt many people. Now I know what his perspective is like," a social media user wrote.

Seo Joon is currently in talks to appear in an upcoming horror thriller, titled Gyeongseong Creature, as the male lead. He is also reviewing an offer from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a role in the upcoming film Captain Marvel 2: The Marvels.