Park Na Rae Sexual Harassment Case: Videos Deleted, Police Dismiss Comedian's Case

After investigating the case regarding Park Na Rae's comments during Hey Narae show, police have dismissed sexual harassment case against the comedian.

Comedian Park Na Rae's comments and behavior on her YouTube show Hey Narae had not only cost her the show but she was also charged with a sexual harassment case. Currently, after considering various factors, the investigating officers have dismissed the case of sexual harassment against Park Na Rae.

The police stated on June 28 that they were dismissing Park Na Rae's case. Explaining the reason behind the dismissal, police stated: "We have decided her conduct cannot be deemed as a crime of obscenity based on Supreme Court's precedents." The case was forwarded to police in April.

Park Na Rae
Comedian, author, DJ Park Na Rae. Instagram

In March, Park Na Rae had come under fire for inappropriate, sexual comments during her show Hey Narae, which she was hosting along with Hey Jini. In fact, Park Na Rae was criticized for sexual comments in the first episode of the show. But despite criticism, she continued to show similar or rather more aggressive behavior in the second episode, also embarrassing the co-host Hey Jini.

This was taken seriously by the audience who demanded the show to be cancelled. But after holding talks, it was decided to take Park Na Rae out of the show. She had apologized with a personal letter. However, a case of sexual harassment was filed against the comedian and previously, police had stated that they would investigate the matter despite the fact that relevant videos had been deleted.

The producers had deleted the videos of the show Hey Narae. But the police had continued to probe the matter. After two months, the verdict is out and Park Na Rae has been freed of sexual harassment charges.

Park Na Rae's Multi-Talents

Currently, Park Na Rae is part of three variety shows – JTBC's Gamsung Camping [cast member], tvN's House Detox [Host] and MBC's Late Night Ghost Talk [MC]. Park Na Rae also has other interests apart from being a comedian. She had written and published a book Welcome to Narae Bar in 2018. She is interested in bartending. She is also a popular DJ.

Park Na Rae released a Netflix stand-up comedy special Park Na-Rae: Glamour Warning in 2019. Success of her Netflix show got her invitation from the streaming website to take part in Netflix Is A Joke Fest organized between April 27, 2020 and May 3, 2020 at The Wiltern Theatre in Koreatown. She had also hosted SBS Entertainment Awards along with Kim Seong Joo and Jo Jeong Sik in 2019.