Park Na Rae Sexual Comments: Comedian Issues Apology, to Leave 'Hey Narae' Show

Park Na Rae even shocked co-host Hey Jini with her actions and behavior during the second episode of YouTube show 'Hey Narae.'

Comedian Park Na Rae came under fire for inappropriate, sexual comments during the YouTube show Hey Narae. She has issued an apology for her actions and behavior and has told that she would leave the show. Here is what happened.

Park Na Rae, in a recent episode of the Studio Waffle's web series titled Hey Narae, was caught making jokes with sexual connotations. Park Na Rae was in the show along with Hey Jini. Both were seen playing with a stretchy toy. But Na Rae took the toy's arm and put it between the legs to make it look like a penis, leaving Hey Jini, crew and the audience in shock.

Park Na Rae
Comedian Park Na Rae to leave the show Hey Narae following a controversy. Twitter

Park Na Rae's Controversial Actions

The comedian's actions and behavior led to controversy and fans demanded that the show be cancelled. Following this, Park Na Rae issued an apology through her agency JDB Entertainment. The agency stated that there was a delay in releasing the statement as they were discussing the same with the production staff of the show Hey Narae.

"After receiving detailed information regarding the Hey Narae series, including descriptions of the props she would be working with, the character she was to portray, etc from the production staff, Park Na Rae should have considered carefully how far she ought to go with her jokes as well as her actions and behavior; she is now deeply reflecting on the fact that she was not more careful. We are fully aware of the discomfort that the video has caused viewers, and we would like to bow our heads in apology," read the statement.

Team Hae Na Rae also issued an apology in this regard. YouTuber Hey Jini also took to SNS to issue an apology. She said: "I will be more considerate of the programs I chooses to appear on in the future." Only two episodes of the show have been streamed so far. Park Na Rae's actions in the second episode led to controversy. However, she was also criticized after the first episode was streamed.

'Hey Narae' First Episode Row

In the first episode, Hey Jini and Park Na Rae were seen discussing the content of the show. Hey Jini told that her fans had told her to shake a carrot if she was in a difficult situation. Reacting to this, Park Na Rae made a gesture of moving her hand up and down, mimicking masturbation. This part was blurred in the show, but shocked Hey Jini was seen asking Na Rae to stop using her hand in the show.

Park Na Rae was not happy with the suggestion and asked Hey Jini of she could use her feet. She started rubbing her feet to one of the legs of the table and made comments like 'Yessss" in an awkward manner.

Netizens commented that Park Na Rae was crossing the line and acting disgustingly. Hey Narae was never rated as an adult show. Her agency has confirmed that as per discussion with the staff of Hey Narae, it has been decided that the comedian will leave the show.

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