Park Ji Sun Death: Police Find Mother's Note, Comedian Suffered From Skin Diseases

Cops confirmed that autopsy will not be confirmed on Park Ji Sun and her mother. The funeral will be conducted on November 5

The news of comedian Park Ji Sun's death has shocked the Korean entertainment industry. The reason for death is now said to be suicide as police has discovered a note written by Park's mother. "I can't send my daughter alone," stated the letter. Park Ji Sun and her mother's funeral procession will be conducted on November 5 at 7 a.m. KST.

Park and her mother were found motionless in the celebrity's Mapo-gu house in western Seoul at 1.44 p.m. on November 2. Cops confirmed the death of the duo at 2.15 p.m. on that day. After thorough search, police found a note written by Park's mother and have stated that there was no trace of foul play in the death of mother and daughter.

Park Ji Sun
Park Ji Sun, KBS comedian was found dead in her house in western Seoul. Instagram

No Autopsy on Park, Mother

The Seoul Mapo Police Station announced that the cops have decided not to conduct autopsy to respect the decision of the victim's family. "There are no signs of anyone breaking in, and as what appears to be a final note was discovered, there is no reason to suspect a crime," cops stated. Initially the police had decided to conduct autopsy but after they found the note and there was no break-in, they decided to respect the family's opinion.

Reports claim that the note written by celebrity's mother explained that Park was suffering from skin disease. She was undergoing treatment for the same, but her condition had worsened. The mother is said to have written that a daughter cannot be sent alone while apologizing to Park's father.

Park Ji Sun Skin Condition

Park had spoken about her skin condition in an interview in 2014 and had said that she had skin allergy. She experienced itchiness and had rashes when exposed to the sun. She couldn't even wear makeup due to sensitive condition of her skin. But over the years the condition got worsened and it is said that she underwent a minor surgery on October 23.

Though Park took part actively in shows and events till mid-October, she did not attend any outside-the-home activity after her operation. Reports claim that she had told the representatives that she was still feeling ill and would not be able to do any shows.

Recently Kpop star Kim Yohan, actress Oh In Hye were also found dead. The reason for Yohan's death is not known but it is suspected that Oh In Hye tried to take her life.