Park Hae Joon had said no to The World of The Married; this woman made him say yes

Park Hae Joon the lead star of The World of Married initially took a long time before accepting the role of the cheating husband

The World of Married is the No 1 drama across channels, it has even surpassed the record of previous high rated dramas. Can you believe the lead actor Park Hae Joon had said no to the drama initially. Here is why he was hesitant to take up the role and the reason behind him coming on board.

Speaking to GQ Korea recently Park Hae Joon revealed the shocking detail that he was hesitant to take up the role of Lee Tae Ho, the male lead character of The World of the Married drama. What made his unsure of taking on the role was the success of the original BBC series Doctor Foster and clarified that he did not immediately turn down the role but took a long time before accepting it.

What was the main reason?

The World of the Married Korean drama

The main reason for the hesitance was the strong extreme character of the male lead of a husband who cheats on his wife (played by popular actress Kim Hee Ae). Park Jae Joon said that he was not confident enough of portraying the character with the needed intensity as he did not have much time to prepare himself to get into the skin of the character. He kept questioning himself if he can do justice to the role.

Another factor was that it was a role of cheating husband, who is also a liar. But it all changed with one phone call he made to his friend. He said that a call made to his friend, film director Byun Young Joo made him readily accept the role after the conversation they had.

According to Park Hae Joon, when mentioned the problem to Byun Young Joo, she straightaway told him that he would be a fool not to take up the role. She especially mentioned that rejecting an offer o working with professional actors like Kim Hee Ae is out of the question. "What are you even talking about? Of course you have to do it. Just do it and do it to the best of your ability," Byun Young Joo had told Park Hae Joon.

A completely convinced Hae Joon accepted the offer and today is part of the series that is No 1 across channels. The 14th episode aired on May 9 garnered 24.307 percent viewership. Only two more episodes of the drama are left to be aired and the last episode will be telecast on May 16.

Here is the complete interview of Park Hae Joon: