Lee Sung Kyung
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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo star Lee Sung Kyung is reportedly eyeing on a project where she will have to play the role of a wrestler.

Though, the next project of Lee Sung Kyung is a movie titled Love Sling, according to My Castco, she has not yet accepted the offer. Yoo Hae Jin has already been cast in the film, who will be starring alongside Lee Sung Kyung if she accepts the role.

The relationship between the two characters will be that of a father and daughter but doesn't have a close bond with each other. Their relationship however mends by the passion and love for wrestling.

Until and unless the actress officially announces the news, it is hard to say whether she will do the project or not, but there is a fair chance as Lee Sung Kyung previously admitted that she's open to doing roles both for drama and movies.

In fact, she was offered the SBS drama Suspicious Partner role which was later titled Be Careful of this Woman. But, after reading through the script's first draft, she declined the offer.

Lee Sung Kyung has plenty of things on her plate to choose from. So, even if she doesn't accept this offer, she will certainly return soon on-screen.

In other news, the actress recently confirmed that she is dating her Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo co-star, Nam Joo Hyuk. Though, both of them have known each other since modelling days, they became close while filming the drama. Their on-screen chemistry paved the way for them to be couple in real life.