Parasite plot stolen from Indian film Minsara Kanna? CJ Entertainment responds to plagiarism claims

Producer of Tamil film Minsara Kanna has alleged that the crux of Bong Soon's Parasite was stolen from his movie. Here is how Parasite production company CJ Entertainment reacted

Parasite Minsara Kanna

Oscar award winning film Parasite is in news again, but this time for an alleged claim on plagiarism. The producer of Indian film (Tamil language) has alleged that the plot of Parasite was stolen from his movie Minsara Kanna that was released in 1999.

Producer of Minsara Kanna, PL Thenappan also warned of filing a case against the movie Parasite. Reacting to the news production company of Parasite movie, CJ Entertainment has issued a statement that the company has no information about this. As reported by Soompi, CJ Entertainment stated: "We have no knowledge about plagiarism claims from an Indian film. We have not received any information regarding this issue."

Denies plagiarism charges

Earlier, Thenappan had said that he had seen the South Korean movie Parasite and felt that they have stolen the crux of his film Minsara Kanna. He had also said that he was in talks with internationally famed lawyers and was thinking of filing a lawsuit against makes of Parasite.

However, so far Thenappan has not clarified about the exact part of the movie that is alleged to be plagiarized. Reacting to the same, director of Minsara Kanna, KS Ravikumar congratulated the Parasite team for winning the Oscar awards. He then said that deciding to file a lawsuit or not is in the hands of the producer and he has no authority in it.

Theme of both films

Minsara Kanna (Tamil film) is a romantic comedy starring Vijay and Monica Castelino. It is a story about a man who falls in love with a girl from a rich family. He enters her household and gets a job as her bodyguard. While his family also joins him as they find jobs for themselves inside the household as housekeepers and chef.

The plot of Bong Soon's Parasite that was released in 2019 depicts the struggling poor family that tries its best to get a job in the household of a rich family. More than a romantic drama, this movie is about class struggle. Bong Joon earlier had said that he developed the story based on the life of one of his friends, who entered a rich household as a tutor to make a living.