Pakistani Politician Sania Ashiq Speaks Up About Ordeal After Sleaze Video Goes Viral

A purported obscene video of Pakistani politician Sania Ashiq, a member of the Legislative Assembly from the Taxila assembly constituency in Punjab state, has gone viral on social media sites.

Sania Ashiq Scandal
Sania Ashiq. Social Media Site

For weeks now, the controversial video has been doing the rounds and Sania Ashiq was subjected to a lot of criticism on social media sites. She had filed a formal complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on 26 October.

After three weeks, the FIA has arrested a suspect, who was responsible for spreading the videos of the politician viral on social media, in Lahore. However, it is not clear whether the woman in the video is Sania Ashiq or someone else.

The cops have registered an FIR and the investigation is on.

What's in her Complaint?

In her complaint, the Pakistan Muslim League-N MPA had claimed that she was a victim of a motivated smear campaign and she was subjected to harassment since 2021.

"My ordeal began when a number of Tiktok accounts started using and editing my video clips from political events by adding extremely lewd songs and vulgar remarks to them. This was followed by hundreds of fake and impostor accounts registered in my name and using my pictures," the complaint copy shared by her on Twitter claims her as stated in the complaint.

Subsequently, she was receiving hundreds of calls and messages from different unknown numbers everyday, making unbearably offensive and unwelcome sexual comments about her, forcing her to change my number. She also provided the call records to the assigned Investigating Officer at a later stage.

Sania Ashiq added, "Further, the pictures capturing the last moments of my father with me that I shared on my social media handle were also edited and superimposed to give them a sexual meaning. If this was not enough, various sexually-explicit video clips and photos circulating on various social media platforms are being associated with and attributed to me in an attempt to assassinate my character and reputation, clearly for ulterior political gains. This is not only defamatory but it has caused me and my family a great deal of distress. "

She had also sought Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's help in connection with the case, claim reports.

This article was first published on November 19, 2021