Rana Sanaullah on Mohammad Zubair's Alleged Sex Tape: I Don't Know Whether the Video is Original or Fake

Reacting to the alleged sex tape of senior Pakistan Muslim League (N) leader Mohammad Zubair, Rana Sanaullah, President of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Punjab, said people, who have created the video, has taken a lot of effort in making it and he felt it "was not of a single event."

Rana Sanaullah on Mohammad Zubair’s Sex Video
Rana Sanaullah on Mohammad Zubair’s sex video. Social Media Account

Sanaullah, at a press conference, claimed that the people, who have leaked video, should come forward to throw light on the issue. "I don't know whether the video is original or fake, but the people who have released the video should come forth and shed more light about it," he is quoted as saying by a news website.

He questioned the intent behind the leak.

Rana Sanaullah spoke about former Accountability Judge Arshad Malik's leaked video and the impact of such clips on their families. "People get disturbed [after their video is leaked]. They have families, and Arshad Malik became depressed [due to it]," he said, adding: "Arshad Malik had admitted to his friends and Nawaz Sharif too that he had made a mistake."

Malik's Controversy
He recalled that the judge was blackmailed using a 20-year-old video to give a verdict against former Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff.

Malik had convicted former Sharif in the Al-Azizia Steel Mills reference in December 2018 and sentenced him to seven years in jail.

In 2019, Sharif's daughter released purported videos showing Malik admitting that there was a lack of evidence against Sharif in the said case.

Mohammad Zubair's Statement
The judge denied the allegations and he was removed from service on charges of misconduct by the Lahore High Court.

Coming back to the latest video, Mohammad Zubair has denied his involvement stating that it is a "fake and doctored" video.

The controversial clip doing rounds purportedly showed Mohammad Zubair engaged in a sex act with an unidentified woman. In his first reaction to the controversy, the former governor tweeted, "This is no politics. In fact a new low !! By launching a fake & doctored video against me. Whoever is behind this has done an extremely poor & shameful act. I have served my country with honesty,integrity & commitment. Will continue to raise my voice for betterment of Pakistan. [sic]"