Paige's Ex-boyfriend Alberto Del Dio's Shocking Claims: She Didn't Own a Car or House, Had Less than $70,000 Bank Balance

Four years after the break-up, Alberto Del Dio (original name: José Alberto Rodríguez Chucuan) has spoken about his break-up with Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis) and revealed the reason why he maintained silence when she made domestic violence allegations against him.

Paige and Ex-boyfriend Alberto Del Dio
Paige and Ex-boyfriend Alberto Del Dio during Good Times. Instagram

In an interview with Lucha Libre Online's Hugo Savinovich, Alberto Del Dio stated that they could have possibly built an empire, but they went in opposite directions that killed all the personal and professional prospects.

Why He Had his Lips Sealed Then?
The 43-year old mentions signing a $1 million worth of confidentiality agreement with Paige which had sealed his lips for so long. He claims that the former WWE Divas Champion did not even own a car or a house and he realised this truth only after signing the agreement.

"For this reason and also for the love, for the beginning, for the 2 parties, to protect them, we did it and signed a confidentiality agreement for 1 million dollars. After signing it, I found out that Paige didn't own a house, she didn't have a car, she didn't have more than $ 70,000 in the bank, and the one who really had to lose something was me.

Because thank God, WWE, Impact, AAA, all those companies made me great and gave me to win, but that money belongs to my children, it is the future of my children, it is for them to become someone ... If the relationship ends, it hits me, my family hits me, and although everyone told me why I didn't say anything, because that's why, because I was tied to that contract, whoever I spoke to was going to come immediately to tail," Alberto Del Dio adds.

Third Person's Involvement
Paige's ex-boyfriend further alleges that another person was involved in their relationship and he was arrested three times in San Antonio, Las Vegas, and Orlando for domestic violence.

Alberto Del Dio then accuses Paige, who is currently dating 'Falling in Reverse' lead singer Ronnie Radke. of failing to abide by the agreement. He denied speculations of domestic violence against her and indicated that it was the other way around. Nonetheless, the 43-year old Mexican wrestler has no intentions of taking legal action against her for breaching the agreement.

Dio's Statement at the Time of Break Up
However, at the time of separation, he had said that they were parting ways because they were unable to make time for each other since they stayed in different cities. So, they were breaking up on a good note.

"We ended it on good terms. She wants the best for me. I want the best for her. I know she's going to be the most successful Diva in history. She has all the talents and we had an amazing relationship and I just wanna say one thing: the haters, they never broke us. We decided to do this because it's the best for our careers and my kids." he had said at the time of parting ways.

Paige and Alberto Del Dio started dating in 2015 and got engaged in 2016, before ending their relationship in 2016.