Paige Rice: British Make-Up Influencer Dies in Car Crash Just Weeks After Discussing Her Death on Social Media

Rice, who was from Marston Green, UK, was in her boyfriend's Audi S3 car when he slammed into a taxicab on Sunday.

British make-up influencer Paige Rice died in a crash after her boyfriend rammed his car into a taxi on Sunday in the Queensway tunnel in Liverpool. Her boyfriend is currently in hospital fighting for his life, according to reports. The 22-year-old influencer's mother Clare Rice took to Instagram to inform Paige's followers about her death.

Interestingly, Rice's death comes just weeks after she had spoken to her mother about her death on social media describing how she would want to be remembered. Police have launched an investigation into the incident and waiting for Rice's boyfriend to regain consciousness for further questioning.

Gone Too Soon

Paige Rice
Paige Rice Instagram

Rice, who was from Marston Green, UK, was in her boyfriend's Audi S3 car when he slammed into a taxicab, according to Birmingham Live. She died at the scene, while her boyfriend was rushed to a hospital where he is fighting for his life. The driver of the taxicab, who is in his 40s, is also in serious condition.

Rice mother took to Instagram to share the tragic news to her followers. "As most people are aware now, my beautiful baby girl Paige has passed away. She was involved in a tragic accident in the early hours and words can not describe how broken I am as her mum."

"I'm overwhelmed by the love being shown. She really was the most beautiful girl, with the biggest smile, a contagious laugh and a heart of gold. If you were a friend of Paige she would love you with all she's got and she would be there in an instant if you ever needed her."

Strange Coincidence

Rice had a strong fan-following on Instagram with over 19,000 followers and used to post photos of herself in fashionable outfits and became an influencer within a short span of time. Strangely, she had discussed her death on social media just a few weeks back before she died.

"'Paige and myself had spoken recently about death and she told me that if she died to remember that she lived life to the absolute full," he mother wrote.

Her mother said that she suffers from a chronic illness and Rice used to push her to stay positive and to keep going. She said, "She had massive dreams, wanted to see the world and live a full life. Paige would fill her time with being social in between working hard and looking after me."

At the time of her death, Rice was working as a nail technician and was selling cars. She was also a former dance student. A GoFundMe page was started for Rice's family and it has managed to raise more than $42,000 in just over a day.