Paid iOS games to download from App Store at no cost

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The App Store has tonnes of amazing free minigames. But when iOS games come at a price, they are not priced for a reason; they could be better more often than not. In this list, IBTimes Singapore has compiled some paid iOS games on sale for your iPhone or iPad.

Check out these 10 paid games that you can get from the App Store without shelling out a dollar or two or more:

The 7th Guest (US$4.99)

The house of The 7th Guest is filled with 19 devilishly clever puzzles that will test your wits and scare you out of them as well. Get The 7th Guest for iOS from the App Store.

Xmasgeddon (US$0.99)

Xmasgeddon is a top-down shoot-em all game that will test your shooter skills in a spatter snowy Christmas atmosphere out of the ordinary. Get Xmasgeddon for iOS from the App Store.

Tiggly Chef Subtraction (US$0.99)

Tiggly's most moustachioed master chef invites you to his super-duper secret kitchen laboratory to try out new ideas and inspirations for his preposterously tasty dishes. Get Tiggly Chef Subtraction for iOS from the App Store.

The East New World (US$2.99)

The East New World is a retro-inspired action platformer game with the high-quality pixel art style. Get The East New World for iOS from the App Store.

Space Pilot 2094 (US$2.99)

Space Pilot 2094 is the first in a new range of Game & Watch-inspired, retro LCD games that have all been carefully designed from the ground up to look, feel, sound and play authentically. Get Space Pilot 2094 for iOS from the App Store.

Bow Island (US$1.99)

Bow Island is a fantastic archery game. Enjoy 10 exciting and challenging levels and a breathtaking archery on a fantastic island. Get Bow Island for iOS from the App Store.

Spin Solitaire (US$0.99)

Spin Solitaire introduces the spinner to hold your cards, bringing this wonderful classic to the 21st century. Get Spin Solitaire for iOS from the App Store.

8bitWar: Netherworld (US$2.99)

8bitWar puts your strategic and tactical thinking to the test. Hire units and place them in strategic formations to counter the enemy's army. Get 8bitWar: Netherworld for iOS from the App Store.

LightFields (US$3.99)

LightFields is an awesome and innovative retro puzzle game based on physics. Get LightFields for iOS from the App Store.

Vemo-10 (US$1.99)

Educational game to teach kids ages 0 to 10 years old math operation, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by visualisation and English spelling. Get Vemo-10 for iOS from the App Store.

Get your iPhone or iPad out and take advantage of these App Store goodies while they're still free!