Best free iOS apps to download this week

Here are three iOS games and a productivity app you can get right now from the App Store for free!

Apple device owners have a lot of reasons to stay at home over the weekend and take advantage of the iOS games that are on sale for free at the moment. If you are looking for things to do, it would not be so bad to get these apps for yourself. Here are the best free iOS apps to download this week:

Gestures Launcher (US$0.99)

The only non-game in the list, Gestures Launcher is a smart app that recognises certain gestures to perform tasks. It works by registering a specific action and its corresponding task, which could be calling someone, launching the camera app, etc. Download Gestures Launcher for iOS.

Broken Space (US$1.99)

More than 130 distinct levels, 10 stunning locations and countless adventures await you in Broken Space. This extraterrestrial mobile game will have you armed with cannon and missile launcher to shoot down objects in the space. There are boss fights as well as upgrades to unlock to get you pumped. Download Broken Space for iOS.

Fugu Maze (US$0.99)

As the name suggests, this game is a maze. But this is not an ordinary maze where players have to find their way out of puzzling paths. Fugu Maze ups the ante by requiring users to look for exit points only with footsteps and a flashlight. Download Fugu Maze for iOS.

Neo Monsters (US$0.99)

In this game, you become an heir of your late uncle's monster ranch. But being a successor is no easy job because you have to prove your worth; you take on a mission to become the champion of monster trainers. To help you out, you will need a team of monsters to carry you through challenges--from single-player missions to person-versus-person combats. Download Neo Monsters for iOS.

Enjoy your new free apps!