Paco Balderrama: Married California Police Chief Resigns Over Affair With Colleague's Wife But Claims Says His Glamorous Wife Has Forgiven Him

Balderrama had earlier circulated a memo to officers in which he expressed his intention to take responsibility for his errors in an email addressed to the department.

The married California police chief under investigation for an alleged affair with a fellow officer's wife has made a surprising statement regarding his glamorous wife. Paco Balderrama, 47, the former Fresno Police Chief, was recently publicly outed by city officials for being under investigation for an alleged affair with a non-city employee.

According to sources cited by The San Joaquin Valley Sun, he reportedly used the alleged affair to undermine a male colleague's career advancement, suggesting that a job transfer would have stopped him otherwise from spending time with the colleague's wife. Balderrama was placed on administrative leave on June 13, but he unexpectedly resigned from his position on Tuesday.

Shocking Claims and Resignation

Paco Balderrama
Paco Balderrama X

In a press interview about two weeks ago, Balderrama made a surprising statement, suggesting that his wife Kayla had forgiven him. "I've never claimed to be perfect," he said. "I'm also very proud of my family and I can tell you that I owe them forgiveness, and I've gotten it."

Despite being instructed not to discuss the ongoing investigation, the father-of-three proceeded to speak to reporters.

Paco Balderrama
Paco Balderrama with his wife Kayla X

"I am human, I am imperfect, and I work extremely hard. I intend to continue leading this police department to even greater achievements," Balderrama said, expressing gratitude to his fellow police officers and the community for their support and prayers.

"I have received hundreds and hundreds of messages, sending me bible verses, saying that they're praying for me and my family, asking me 'please don't quit.'"

It was alleged that Balderrama had a two-year affair starting in August 2021 with the wife of a fellow officer, who gave a statement to The San Joaquin Valley Sun.

According to the officer's statement, he was actively pursuing a departmental transfer from patrol to another division that would have provided more flexibility.

The transfer would have adjusted the officer's schedule, potentially freeing up weekends, which could have affected Balderrama's from spending time with the officer's wife.

Paco Balderrama
Paco Balderrama X

Allegations surfaced that Balderrama and the department chose another officer to take the position, allowing the chief to maintain the alleged affair.

Following this decision, the unnamed subordinate and their legal representatives reportedly brought forward the alleged affair, which they claim ended in 2023 upon its discovery, to Fresno's City Attorney in February.

After the affair was reported, Balderrama admitted to the affair but downplayed its duration, according to reports.

Still Trying to Prove Himself Innocent

Balderrama had earlier circulated a memo to officers in which he expressed his intention to take responsibility for his errors in an email addressed to the department. He wrote: "It is so very true that there are two sides to every story, but I do not intend to justify or defend myself regardless of any unknown circumstances.

Paco Balderrama
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"My actions did not meet the standards of who I am as a man of faith, husband, or father. I own my mistakes, they are mine and mine alone to bear, and I will pay for those mistakes for the rest of my life.

"My family has been deeply affected by this and I humbly ask for your grace, discretion, and understanding during this difficult time."

He finally resigned on Tuesday. "It is my hope that with the resignation of Chief Balderrama we can move forward, and the police department can continue to focus on what it does best, keep people safe, Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer said on Tuesday.

"I wish Paco and his family the best and thank him for his service to our community."

His resignation from the Fresno Police Department will take effect on July 25, and the city has begun the search for his successor, according to city officials.

Paco Balderrama
Paco Balderrama Instagram

Fox 26 KMPH reported that while on paid leave, Balderrama applied for the Chief of Police position in Austin, Texas.

The exact timing of his application is unclear, but the city of Austin started accepting applications in May, before news of the alleged affair emerged. Balderrama assumed the role of chief in 2021, making history as the first Hispanic chief.

Previously, he served as the Public Information Officer for the Oklahoma City Police Department and was a familiar face on local TV throughout the 2000s and 2010s.