Pachinko: Executive Producer Explains Why Upcoming Lee Min Ho Starrer Drama is a Must Watch

Pachinko is one of the highly- anticipated K-dramas to premiere in the first half of 2022. This mini-series will mark the return of The King: Eternal Monarch star Lee Min Ho to the small screens. Executive Producer of this project, Soo Hugh, recently dished about it.

Hugh, who is also the scriptwriter of this short drama, hinted that the mini-series could take the viewers through an emotional rollercoaster ride in its premiere episode. First glimpse images of this project also provide the same feel. The photos feature Lee Min Ho, Kim Min Ha, and Youn Yoh Jung.

First Glimpse of Pachinko

A total of five official stills of this mini-series are out. The first image features Lee Min Ho as Koh Hansu wearing a white suit and a top hat. He is standing all alone and looking out into a distance. In the backdrop, several people are waiting in line for something.

The next photo features the older version of Sunja, portrayed by actress Yoh Jung. The image of her glazing at something in a light green turtle neck sweater. The third still focuses on an emotional scene between Sunja and Koh Hansu. Hansu affectionately looks at Sanju while the latter struggles to hold back her tears in the teaser.

The fourth image features a little girl in hanbok, and the fifth image features a man in a black suit confidently walking with a bag in his hand.

First Look Stills of Pachinko

Lee Min Ho as Koh Hansu in upcoming mini-series Pachinko. Twitter
Youn Yoh Jung as Sunja in the upcoming drama Pachinko. Twitter

Executive Producer Hugh described Pachinko as a project that changed him. He also said it is a story and tribute to his ancestors. Finally, he dedicated this project to all the 'pioneers' in the family history.

"Some productions can deeply change the innermost depths of a filmmaker and person. There is no doubt that Pachinko is a project that changed me. This is a story and tribute to my ancestors. It is also a story that is dedicated to all the pioneers that exist in our family history. It is an honor to materialize this project with dedicated and talented actors and staff," Hugh said.

Pachinko, starring Lee Min Ho, Kim Min Ha, Youn Yuh Jung, Anna Sawai, Jung In Ji, Jin Ha, Soji Arai, Minami Kaho, Noh Sang Hyun, Han Jun Woo, Jung Eun Chae, Jimmi Simpson, Jeon Yoo Na, and more, will premiere on Apple TV+ on March 25. It will have eight episodes with a chapter releasing every Friday till April 29.

Teaser images of new drama Pachinko. Twitter

The K-drama is based on a best-selling book by Min Jin Lee. It will feature a tale of forbidden love with a chronicle of love and separation, war and peace, as well as judgments and victory across Japan, Korea, and the United States.

Lee Min Ho Dishes About Hansu in Pachinko

The Legend of the Blue Sea star revealed that he tried to stay true to the character. The actor said he found it exciting to learn how people expressed their love in that specific period. The actor also shared his hopes about the drama.

"I wanted to stay true to the character, so I focused a lot on how desperate they had to be to survive during that time, he said, adding, I know that my fans are waiting for my next project, so I hope that this drama will turn out well and become a great gift for my fans," Lee Min Ho said.