From Jang Ki Young to Lee Min Ho: 5 Korean Celebrities Who Denied Dating Rumors in 2021

The Dispatch report of Hallyu star Lee Min Ho dating former MOMOLAND singer Yeonwoo came in as a shocker to KPop and Korean drama fans. Within no time both the celebrities released a statement that they were not dating. Since January this year, the Dispatch has released reports of a number of Korean celebrities dating, which have been denied by celebrities.

The biggest news that broke this January was of Hyun Bin dating his Crash Landing On You co-star Son Ye Jin. The couple had denied dating rumors on various occasions in 2020. But following the Dispatch report on January 1, 2021, the couple made their relationship official. But all claims made by the Dispatch have not been proved true. Here are five celebrity couples who clarified that they were not dating.

Seo Ji Hye Lee Min Ho Yeonwoo
Actress Seo Ji Hye, Actor Lee Min Ho and singer Yeonwoo. Instagram Screengrab

Kim Jung Hyun- Seo Ji Hye

The Dispatch had published photographs of Crash landing On You stars Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ji Hye enjoying personal time together and claimed that the couple was dating. According to the report, Kim Jung Hyun's house in Seongdong District was located just 10 minutes away from Seo Ji Hye's residence.

The report also claimed that the duo enjoyed dates at either of their houses. Seo Ji Hye's agency Culture Depot expressed shock over the news and said: "We have checked with her personally, and she said that she is definitely not dating Kim Jung Hyun. We are bewildered." Kim Jung Hyun's former agency O&Entertainment also clarified that Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ji Hye were only maintaining a close relationship as senior and junior after working together in tvN's Crash Landing on You and were not dating.

Yang Hye Ji – Deft

Rumors of Nevertheless actress Yang Hye Ji dating professional gamer Deft started making rounds on social media in July 2021. The rumor started surfacing online after the duo was spotted playing a game wearing similar outfits. They had shared similarly-looking pictures on their Instagram accounts. But Yang Hye Ji clarified the issue and said that they were close friends. Her agency Awesome ENT stated that Yang Hye Ji and Deft went to school together. The agency's statement read, "He is a gamer that [Yang Hye Ji] supports. They are not dating,"

Jang Ki Young – Son Yeon Jae/ Lee Hye Ri

Popular actor Jang Ki Young was embroiled in multiple dating rumors this year. In May 2021, the WWW actor was rumored to be dating former gymnast Son Yeon Jae. The rumor spread online as netizens claimed that both celebrities posted pictures from similar locations. But Jang Ki Young's agency YG Entertainment refuted the claims and stated: "Actor Jang Ki Yong says he and Son Yeon Jae do not know each other. The photo in question was taken when he went to Busan to film the drama Now, We Are Breaking Up.'

After the actor's previous drama My Roommate Is A Gumiho got released in July, Jang Ki Young was rumored to be dating his co-star Lee Hye Ri. Also rumors of Lee Hye Ri's breakup with her long-time boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol, due to her closeness to Jang Ki Young, started making rounds online. Lee Hye Ri clarified the issue during an interview and confirmed that she was still in a relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol. "Jang Ki Young is my good friend," she said.

Jennie - G Dragon

In February 2021, the Dispatch reported that biggest K-pop stars, BLACKPINK's Jennie Kim, 25, and BIGBANG's G-Dragon, 32, were dating secretly since one year. YG Entertainment that is managing both G-Dragon and Jennie issued a statement saying that the news was not confirmed. "We can't confirm anything about our artists' private lives. We ask for your understanding," stated YG Entertainment. As the company had not denied the possibility of singers dating, news started resurfacing online in August when Jennie and G-Dragon were spotted together. The agency has not reacted to the rumors yet.

Lee Min Ho - Yeonwoo

The Dispatch released pictures of The King Enternal Monarch star Lee Min Ho and former MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo on August 30 and claimed that the stars were in a relationship. But Lee Min Ho's agency MYM Entertainment clarified that Lee Min Ho was not dating anyone at this point. Yeonwoo's agency MLD Entertainment also issued a statement and said that they were just close colleagues and were not in a romantic relationship.