Our Season: Story, Casts, Premiere, Preview, Spoilers, and More

Our Season is an upcoming fantasy film featuring Kim Hae Sook and Shin Min Ah in lead roles. It will hit the big screens in South Korea on Wednesday (December 6). The movie focuses on the heartwarming journey of a mother and her daughter. Kim Hae Sook will portray the mother, Bok Ja. Shin Min Ah will appear as her daughter, Jin Joo, who runs a traditional Korean restaurant.

Kang Ki Young and Hwang Bo Ra will play supporting roles in the movie. Kang Ki Young will appear as a guide who will help the mother during her stay with her daughter. Hwang Bo Ra will play Jin Joo's best friend, Mi Jin. She sincerely supports her friend and worries about her inability to deal with several problems in her life.

With just a day left for the premiere of this fantasy film, the producers shared four character posters. The first picture features actress Kim Hae Sook as Bok Ja. She showcases her bright smile and greets her onscreen daughter in the poster. The promotional still shows Shin Min Ah as Jin Joo. She becomes surprised by the unexpected visit from her mother.

The third poster shows Kang Ki Young as the guide. He reminds Bok Ja that all she has to do is make some good memories before going back. The fourth image features Hwang Bo Ra as Mi Jin, who is lost in thoughts about her best friend. She wonders why a talented girl like Jin Joo left her job as a professor in the United States to open a traditional Korean restaurant.

Our Season
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Here is everything about the upcoming fantasy movie Our Season, including story, cast, premiere, preview, and spoilers.


The upcoming fantasy film will focus on Bok Ja, who takes a break from the afterlife to spend time with her daughter, Jin Joo. The newly released stills feature Jin Joo enjoying her time in the countryside while running a traditional Korean restaurant. Cast member Shin Min Ah recently revealed why she chose this big-screen project.

"The fantasy element of a mother who receives a vacation from heaven coming down to meet her daughter felt new to me. While acting, I thought, 'Kim Hae Sook is definitely on another level.' I got the feeling that the narrative was completed through her gaze," she shared.


Another set of promotional stills focuses on the beauty of the countryside. A photo shows Jin Joo immersed in the simple and serene charm of the place. Another image shows Bok Ja and her guide gazing at the sky and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. The third picture features the bond between Jin Joo and Mi Jin. They cook together comfortably and help one another.