Our Blues Episodes 19-20 (Finale) How to Watch, Airdate, Spoilers, and More

Our Blues will return with the last two episodes this weekend and explain why Kang Ok Dong asked her biological son Lee Dong Suk to call her aunty. Episodes 19 and 20 could also explain why Ok Dong decided to become the stepmother of Jong Woo and Jong Chul after her husband's demise. Dong Suk might get the answers to all his questions in the finale.

Ahead of the finale, the production team said the last two episodes of this mini-series will focus on the relationship between Dong Suk and his mother. They also shared teaser images of the mother-son duo attending the memorial service with other relatives. In one of the images, Dong Suk unhappily accompanies his mother to the memorial hall with the food she prepared.

The next photo shows Dong Suk and Ok Dong having dinner with other relatives. But the atmosphere gets tense after Dong Suk gets angry with his step brothers. When Dong Suk gets humiliated by his step brothers, he furiously approaches his step brothers, and Dong Ok tries to stop him. Eventually, Dong Ok opens up about her past and reveals her true feelings towards Dong Suk.

Our Blues
A promotional still of the upcoming Korean drama Our Blues. Twitter

Kang Ok Dong's Demise

Meanwhile, the promo video hints at the demise of Dong Suk's mother. It shows the mother-son duo getting to each other on their way to Mokpo. After spending some time together, Dong Suk confronts his mother. He asks her why she never felt sorry for him. The clip then shows him trying to wake his mother, only to find out about her death.

The last two episodes of this tvN drama will feature the reunion between Hyun Choon Hee and Son Man Su. The finale will also feature the first meeting of Lee Young Ok with Captain Park Jung Joon's parents. Young Ok looks tense and tells the captain that his parents will never approve of their relationship.

Our Blues
A poster of the tvN drama Our Blues. Twitter/tvN

How to Watch Our Blues Episodes 19 and 20 online?

K-drama fans can tune in to tvN on Saturday, June 11, at 9.10 pm KST to watch episode 19, and chapter 20 will air at the same time on Sunday, June 12. People from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, the UK, Singapore, India, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Denmark, and Australia, can watch the last two episodes of this mini-series with subtitles on various streaming platforms, like Netflix.