Our Blues Episode 19 Recap, Episode 20 How to Watch: Producers Tease Emotional Finale

Our Blues episode 19 aired on tvN Saturday, June 11, at 9.00 pm KST, and it focused on Kang Ok Dong's (Kim Hye Ja) trip to Mokpo with her biological son Lee Dong Suk (Lee Byung Hun). On her way to hold the memorial service for her late husband, Ok Dong told Dong Suk that her last wish was to visit her hometown.

After the memorial service, the mother-son duo headed to the small village only to find out that it is a reservoir now. Although Dong Suk suggested Ok Dong change the plan, she was adamant about going to the place. Ok Dong told her son that she never got a chance to see Baengnokdam Lake at the top of Mount Hallasan. So, Dong Suk takes his mother to visit the lake to fulfilling her last wish.

The last episode of Our Blues will focus on an emotional journey of the mother-son duo as they walk to the top of Mount Hallasan, according to the producers. They also said the finale of this mini-series is a must-watch as it features the passionate acting of Byung Hun and Hye Ja. The production team also said the viewers could look forward to a resounding ending.

Our Blues
Lee Byung Hun as Lee Dong Suk as in the tvN drama Our Blues. Twitter/tvN

"Kim Hye Ja and Lee Byung Hun will grace the grand finale with their passionate acting. You will see why these two actors are truly great, and their actions will break viewers' hearts and deliver a resounding ending. Please join us for Ok Dong and Dong Suk's last moments," the producers shared.

How to Watch Our Blues Episode 20?

The promotional stills for the last episode of this K-drama focus on Ok Dong and Dong Suk's trip to Mount Halalsan. The images show the mother and son climbing the Mountain to visit Baengnokdam Lake. Though the mother-son duo set out on their trip together, the photo shows Dong Suk wandering alone on a snowy mountain. The viewers will have to watch the tvN drama to find out what lies ahead for them.

Our Blues episode 20 will air on tvN Sunday, June 12, at 9.00 pm KST, and people can watch it on the official website on the broadcasting channel. K-drama fans from countries like the US, the UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Denmark, Spain, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, India, and Singapore can watch the finale with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Netflix.