Our Blues Ending Explained, Episode 20 Recap: An Emotional Farewell With a Touching Message

Our Blues episode 20 (finale) aired on tvN Sunday, June 12, at 9 pm KST, and it took the viewers through an emotional journey. The last episode primarily focused on the relationship between Lee Dong Suk and his mother, Kang Ok Dong. It also left a touching message for the viewers towards the end. The chapter featured a reunion between the characters, who enjoyed time together and welcomed a new member to the village.

The episode began by featuring Ok Song's trip to her hometown with Dong Suk. The mother-son duo returned to Jeju Island after spending time together in Mokpo. On their way home, they spent quality time together and spoke. During the trip, Dong Suk learned many things about his mother. He became closer to her and did everything to make her happy.

Dong Suk informed his mother about the birth of Jung Hyun and Bong Young Joo's daughter. He then helped her learn how to write the names of her close relatives and places she visited. Ok Dong had a great time with her biological son, who took her on a trip to Mount Hallasan. Though her health did not permit her to climb the mountain, she got to see the beautiful scenery because of her son. He took videos of the scene for her to enjoy.

Our Blues
Our Blues finale featured the demise of a beloved character. Twitter/tvN

Dong Suk introduced Min Seon Ah and her son Yeol to his mother before dropping her back home. He requested her to prepare his favorite dish for breakfast. When Dong Suk returned, the merchant was happy to see the table set for the meal.

He thanked his mother and tasted the food. Although he wanted his mother to enjoy his mother, she passed away before he reached home. It was a painful moment for all the characters. The demise of this beloved character also brought tears to the eyes of the viewers.

A Happy Reunion

A month later, all the villagers gathered together for the annual sports. Lee Young Ok's twin sister, Lee Young Hui, Hyeon Chun Hee's grandchild Son Eun Gi, Jeong Eun Hee's childhood crush Choi Han Soo and her best friend Go Mi Ran also attended the event. While some of them participated in various competitions with the villagers, the others cheered the players and enjoyed the show.

Towards the end of the drama, a message popped on the screen. It read: "There is one thing we must remember in our lifetime. We are not born into the world to suffer or feel miserable. We were born to be happy. We wish everyone happiness".