Our Blooming Youth Ending Explained, Episode 20 (Finale) Recap: The Conclusion

Our Blooming Youth ending followed Crown Prince Lee Hwan and Min Jae Yi as they focussed on their mission. Episode 20 aired on tvN Tuesday, April 11. People from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, Denmark, Europe, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the UK, watched the final chapter with subtitles on Viki.

The finale of this historical fantasy romance drama focussed on the rivalry between the Crown Prince and Right State Councillor Cho Won Bo. Lee Hwan finally found the hiding place of the people from Byeokcheon. They also found out about the fish the monk carried with him. It is called Mooyyaanghyeolmok. It was used as a secret weapon by the people of Byeokcheon.

Tae Gang informed the crown prince, Min Jae Yi, Ga Ram, Han Seong On, and Kim Myung Jin that the adults in the Byeokcheon village prayed to the fish. They believed the fish lived for thousands of years. There were also several strange stories about the fish -- like the fish ate human blood, and if anyone consumed the fish's eggs, they would go mad. The Crown Prince received the Crown Prince was part of a scheme. His rivals tried to prove everything about the ghost letter.

The Byeokcheon Case

After waiting several days, the Crown Prince finally met the people from the Byeokcheon village. The villagers did not welcome the team because they did not trust outsiders. Lee Hwan spoke to them calmly and earned their trust. He spent the night with them and tried digging a well for them. Earlier, the crown prince saw the villagers walking a long distance to fetch water. He tried helping them and earning their trust.

Our Blooming Youth
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The villagers eventually stepped forward and informed Lee Hwan of everything about the incident a decade ago. Cho Won Bo and Cho Won Oh misused their powers and tortured the people in this small village. When the people tried to get help, the government officials attacked and killed them. They were called traitors and bandits by the Right State Councilor. After hearing their sad story, the crown prince promised to help them.

In the meantime, the Right State Councillor and head of the Queen's family find out about the role played by the Queen in helping the people of Byeokcheon. He stormed to the Queen's palace and warned her. Before meeting the Queen, he killed the court lady. The councilor informed the Queen about his plans to kill everybody from the village. Although the Queen could not stop him, she reached out to her husband with the help of Princess Ha Yeon, asking for his help.

The Conclusion

Cho Won Bo and his secret army surrounded the Naean village, where the people from the Byeokcheon village were hiding. He tried killing the crown prince and everybody in the place. But the King's army reached on time and helped the villagers. They arrested the Right State Councillor and his team army. The traitors were severely punished. Han Seong On helped the people in Byeokcheon village to go back. He became the governor of that village and helped the people rebuild the place.

Meanwhile, the Queen consumed the eggs of Mooyyaanghyeolmok fish and became mad. She roamed around the capital city for several days before reaching her village. The newly appointed governor took care of the dethroned Queen and her son. Lee Hwan and Jae Yi also got their happy ending in the finale of Our Blooming Youth.