Oscars 2020: Laura Dern's first Oscar also marks the first one for Netflix

Fifty-two-year-old actress Laura Dern won her first Oscar for her role as a headstrong divorce lawyer in Marriage Story. The Best Supporting Actress Dern became the first actress to win the Academy Award for a performance in a film that was distributed by Netflix.

Calling the nominees in the category sisters, Dern offered her thanks for "just to be in this room with remarkable artists". She also expressed her gratitude towards Netflix and Marriage Story director Noah Baumbach for "his vision, his magic". "Thank you Noah for your words and for your friendship in art and life with Greta. Noah wrote a movie about love and about breaching divisions in the name and in the honor of family and home and hopefully for all of us, in the name of our planet," she added.

Laura Dern
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Dern dedicates the award to her parents

Daughter of actress Diane Ladd and actor Bruce Dern, Dern dedicated the award to her parents, who accompanied her to the event. In an emotional acceptance speech, Dern said: "Some say, never meet your heroes, but I say if you're really blessed, you get them as your parents. I share this with my acting heroes: my legends Diane Ladd and Bruce Dern." The audience erupted in cheers. "You got game. I love you."

Others who competed for the coveted award included Kathy Bates (Richard Jewell), Scarlett Johansson (Jojo Rabbit), Florence Pugh (Little Women), and Margot Robbie (Bombshell).

Dern brought her parents and kids as her date

Donning a black-and-pink Armani Privé gown, Dern brought her mother, actress Diane Ladd, son Ellery Harper (18), and daughter Jaya Harper(15) as dates for the awards ceremony.

During the red-carpet interview, Dern while maintaining that the ceremony was more like a family affair said: "It feels like really good, loving energy. We're all close friends ... It's got a very special feeling. I'm here with my mom, Diane Ladd, and my children. It makes me very happy."

It was in 1992 when Dern was nominated for the first time in the Oscars. She was nominated in the Best Actress category for her role in Rambling Rose.

Dern earned love from the gay community

Recently at the Spirit Awards, Dern received a heartfelt tribute from the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles. During the ceremony, the LGBTQ representation was highlighted by paying an ode to the gayest film moments which the host Aubrey Plaza described as "the gayest moments in other films you may not have realized were gay".

In the hilarious musical tribute, the choir included moments like J-Lo pole dancing to Fiona Apple, the title of the film Diane, the concept of a cursed bird, before they moved on to Dern. They included: "Laura Dern kicking her feet up on the couch, Laura Dern ordering a kale salad, Laura Dern dressed slutty in court, Laura Dern just all of Laura Dern."

An excited Dern went on to tweet that she needed the choir to go everywhere with her now. Dern won the Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actress for Marriage Story.

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