Oscars 2020: Guess what's inside the $100,000 'Everyone Wins' nominee gift bag?

Whether the 2020 Oscar nominees win or lose at the 92nd edition of the Academy Awards tonight, they certainly won't return empty-handed from the greatest awards night. The specially curated 'Everyone Wins' nominee gift bag worth $100,000 is bound to help lift the spirits of those who return sans the 13 ½ inches tall golden statue.

The goodie bag has been brought together by Distinctive Assets, a Los Angeles-based marketing company. Recently, Hollywood reporter Sam Rubin gave a detailed account of all the stuff that the bag contained for 75 nominees attending the awards night.

12-day trip on world's first ultra-luxury expedition yacht and stay at lifestyle hotel

Rubin said that few lucky ones would be able to spend 12-days on the world's first ultra-luxury expedition yacht, the Scenic Eclipse, as it undertakes a journey to Antarctica with only 228 passengers on board. The luxury boat comes loaded with helicopters, 114 cabins, and a $10,000-per-night, two-bedroom Owner's Penthouse Suite.

The owners of the goodie bags would also get a five-day complimentary stay at Waikiki Beachcomber, a new wellness hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii. The wellness hotel located just yards from the Waikiki beach is known for its poolside yoga, and rotating art exhibits. Apart from enjoying the hospitality of the wellness hotel, the stars would be undergoing a spa and enjoying the farm-to-table brewpub on the property.

Along with the luxury holiday, the goodie bag also contains a stay at The Faro Cumplida, the active lighthouse located on the Canary Island of La Palma. The lighthouse has three private suites in which it can accommodate up to eight guests.

Cosmetics worth thousands of dollars

The bag gives its owner $25,000 worth of services from Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich, the New York-based cosmetologist, who is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Dr Konstantin, one of the most sought after plastic surgeons, is known for treatment of the aging face, eyelids, and neck, both surgically and non-surgically.

The stars would also get Hotsy Totsy Haus' Royal Crown Chakra Bath Bomb 24-karat Gold Full Moon Charged Amethyst with Organic Hyaluronic Acid. The website swears by the properties of the bath bomb as it mentions: 'As you lower the bath bomb into a warm, drawn bath, feel your anxiety, fears, and spiritual obstacles dissipate in a wake of lavender oil-infused, moon-charged water'. The bath bomb is made from exotic ingredients including Brazilian purple clay, buckhorn and oat kernel extract coconut milk, aloe, and organic hyaluronic acid.

Limited edition kimono robe

The nominees would be able to wear, the limited edition Soma's Sensuous Silk Kimono Robe, a 100 per cent silk robe, which is sold for $218 in the UK market. originally designed in 2004, the robe made a comeback 15 years later for Heritage, limited edition collection of the brand.

The bag also contains a Somainnofit smart-fit bra, which gives specific measurements to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It also includes bust support tape by Yen the Label. The product which can be reused is made from organic eco-friendly cotton, promises to give the required stretch and support to the user.

Here is a comprehensive list of the goodies that are part of the 'Everyone Wins' nominee gift bag:

  • Dinner for two at Flora's Field Kitchen.
  • A private phone call with life coach Jessica McGregor Johnson.
  • A guided tasting of Coda Signature's chocolate edibles for eight.
  • A necklace from TAPS for Hope.
  • DIFF sunglasses and Veestro plant-based meals from PETA.
  • Clothes from luxury clothing brand Happiest Tee.
  • A limited-edition collector box from Trust Me Vodka.
  • An 18-carat gold necklace from Blush & Whimsy.
  • A one-year membership to Drawing Down the Moon, Britain's premier matchmaking agency.
  • A custom stained glass portrait by artist John Thoman.
  • A bottle of A. Junod, white absinthe handcrafted in France.
  • Event photography by Capture Roaming Halo.
  • Still Standing Unisex Foot Spray for red carpet appearances.
  • 'The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer (Edition 2)' by Darren Tieste.
  • Ten personal training sessions with premier trainer Alexis Seletzky.
  • Two tickets to a Daybreaker morning yoga and dance class.
  • A $2,020 Respect Your Universe shopping spree and clothing donation.
  • CBD cocktail syrup from CBD Barkeep.
  • Ten personal training sessions with premier trainer Alexis Seletzky.
  • A high-end vape pen from Hollowtips.
  • DNA-based personalized medicine courtesy of Pharmazam.
  • A trip to the destination spa Golden Door.
  • A 'brain sensing headband' from Muse.
  • A $115 sterling silver bracelet from Officina Bernardi.
  • A 5-day dietary program from Prolon.
  • A Sky Lite from BlissLights that projects a starry night onto walls.
  • 'Carson's Garage' by KD Storm.
  • Handmade luxury eyelashes from Céline Victor.
  • Charabanc's luxury car fragrance.
  • Dwight Cleveland's 'Cinema on Paper: The Graphic Genius of Movie Posters.'
  • Personalized cosmetic enhancement services from Clinic Pour Vous.
  • A 'spa kit for your mouth' from Closys Oral Care.
  • Atara Twersky's children's book 'Curlee Girlee,' which empowers girls to love their curly hair.
  • A Sleep Essentials gift set from Essence One.
  • Two card games from Exploding Kittens.
  • Premium nut bars from Fast Bar.
  • A two-night luxury stay at Auberge Resorts in Los Cabos, Mexico.
  • A six-month supply of baby goodies from Baja Baby.
  • A urine collection system from Forte Medical that identifies potential health concerns.
  • Hydrogen-infused water from HFactor.
  • A skincare gift box from Instytutum.
  • A hand-dyed ombre alpaca throw from Johanna Howard Home.
  • A one-year membership to LiveItUp, an app that sends new text and video challenges designed to help users live richer lives.
  • The Giuliana Earring, a woven cut crystal earring from Millianna.
  • An assortment of macarons from Mad Mac Macarons.
  • Custom soy candles from Mood — The Candle Revival Company.
  • A hydration product for jet lag and tracel fatigue from My Flight Pack.
  • Meal kits from Nutrition for Longevity.
  • A year of optimal health full-body performance evaluation package from Dr. Salas-Whalen at New York Endocrinology.
  • Ultra Smooth deodorant from Old Spice.
  • A VIP day of wellness at Origin Stretch & Spa in West Hollywood.
  • A one-year supply of Oxygenating Foundation from Oxygenetix.
  • A two-pack of Pepperidge Farm's Dark Chocolate Milano cookies.
  • Color-coordinated pillows from Pillow Pops.
  • A bottle of Próspero Tequila.
  • Purusha Botanicals' Skincare Ritual pack.
  • A custom security door from Remo Security Doors.
  • A custom work of art from Reian Williams Fine Art.
  • Rita Hazan's Shine Balm.
  • Seurcell Serum with KFS Cellular Protein Complex, which blends over 1,500 key skin nutrients.
  • CBD-infused essential oils from SHEbd Broad Spectrum.
  • A candle from Soul Shropshire.
  • A complimentary TempSure Envi radiofrequency skincare treatment.
  • Cleansers from The Right to Shower, which donates a percentage of profits to mobile shower initiatives for homeless populations.
  • A weekend Malibu wellness retreat from 3D Wellness Retreat.
  • Tru Niagen vitamins, which increase NAD — a molecule that boosts cellular energy and repair.
  • Violent vitamins, which alleviate breast pain.
  • A hammock from Wise Owl Outfitters.