Orla Melissa Sloan: Instagram Influencer Who Stalked Chelsea Footballers after Sleeping with Mason Mount and Called Herself 'Devil Baby' Faces Jail

She slept with Mount once after they met at the party, and they talked "sporadically" for around six months before he cut things off.

A model who had a one-night stand with England midfielder Mason Mount stalked him and sent bizarre messages to his teammates in which she referred to herself as the "Devil Baby." Orla Sloan, 22, confessed to targeting Billy Gilmour of Scotland, Ben Chilwell of Chelsea, and Mount in a scary campaign that started after a party at Ben Chilwell's home.

The Instagram influencer, who has 81,000 followers, also changed her number 21 times in order to stay in touch with Mount after he blocked her, promising to stop buying meals in order to save money for new SIM cards. Sloan who appeared in court on Wednesday admitted to one count of harassment without physical harm and two counts of stalking.

Dangerous Moves

Orla Melissa Sloan
Orla Melissa Sloan Instagram

Gilmour, 21, who transferred to Brighton and Hove Albion last year, said he was so traumatized he was unable to sleep. Mount, 24, said he was terrified she might turn up at Chelsea's training site in Cobham, Surrey.

Sloan was told that she may possibly have to spend time in jail when she gets sentenced on June 20.

Sloan allegedly chatted with Chilwell on Instagram and received an invitation to a party at his home. She slept with Mount once after they met at the party, and they talked "sporadically" for around six months before he cut things off.

"There was communication between them for six months, following which Mr Mount decided that the relationship wasn't going to progress to anything more and decided to end contact with the defendant," Jason Seetal, prosecuting, said.

Mason Mount
Mason Mount Twitter

"After this he was subjected to a bombardment of messages."

Sloan's phone was blocked after Mount ordered her to stop texting him, but she started messaging him from various numbers and eventually used 21, according to the evidence presented in court.

Under the alias "Only God 10," she stated in one WhatsApp message: "I found out about Bethany, Esme, and more - I will find out everything."

Orla Melissa Sloan
Orla Melissa Sloan Instagram

She wrote in the message, "I'm not buying food anymore so I can get more numbers," and sent him a photo of herself spending £12.99 for a new phone number.

"I really want to say sorry and if you could just talk to me and tell me how you feel I would really appreciate it because I'm finding it hard to move on from the situation," Sloan wrote in one message.

"You must accept my apology and say sorry to me or you will unlock a new character called "Devil Baby," so let me apologize and make it right."

Horrifying Time for the Footballers

Mount also started receiving messages from an Instagram account named 'Devil Baby,' which sent a collage of photos of the England star with other women, with the footballer, his friends and family tagged in the images. Mount, who has 36 England caps, said in a statement read in court: "She knows where I lived and where I train."

"I'm worried as she is unable to contact me she might turn up at my training centre."

Sloan also barraged Chilwell, 26, with messages, and collages of him with other women started to show up on the Devil Baby account.

There were references in the photo captions to "going through abortions" and "being blocked after a few months." Sloan sent eight additional texts in response to his request for her to leave him alone, the court was told.

Following the party, Gilmour received messages as well. He also expressed his concerns to Brighton, who increased security.

Sloan also made false claims to have fallen pregnant by the midfielder, who joined the south coast club from Chelsea for $11 million.

Gilmour explained to the court how the stalking persisted even after he transferred from Chelsea to Brighton in September 2022 for a fee of £9 million.

Orla Melissa Sloan
Orla Melissa Sloan Twitter

After he voiced his worries about Sloan to his new club, safety precautions were put in place.

In order to stop her from contacting them, Gilmour was also forced to delete all of his friends and relatives from Instagram.

"I have not been able to sleep and I have had to take sleeping tablets which have affected my performance," he told the court.

The star added: "Being alone in a new town where I didn't have any friends or family is very isolating. This is a person I met once for a brief period of time."

Sloan will be sentenced on June 20.

Sloan claims on her Instagram page that she represents Los Angeles-based online fast fashion shop Fashion Nova as an ambassador.

She frequently posts images of her opulent lifestyle taken during her vacations to Bali, Indonesia, Mykonos, and London.

The influencer also posts about dating and relationships on her TikTok profile.