OpenAI Website Close to Recording One Billion Unique Users Monthly After ChatGPT Launch

The OpenAI website has become the fastest-growing internet destination among the top 50 most visited websites in the world after generative AI tool ChatGPT was launched less than six months ago, unleashing the latest tech frenzy.

The chatbot's subscription is growing rapidly and is close to having one billion unique visitors a month. The OpenAI website,, grew more than 54 percent in traffic volume within a month, according to VezaDigital, a US-based SaaS Webflow design and performance marketing agency.

OpenAI, Microsoft
OpenAI, Microsoft OpenAI

"The ChatGPT phenomenon spread like wildfire at the end of 2022 and we expect it to soon break all records of being the fastest-ever website to reach 1 billion monthly active users in such an incredibly short space of time," Stefan Katanic, CEO of Veza Digital, said, according to IANS.

He added that AI's role in more than 50 percent of businesses will be outsized. "We believe that AI will play a big role in over 50 per cent of businesses in the next five years, as such we are even looking to embrace this technology advancement in our daily operations as well as strategically geo-positioning of our company," Katanic added.

Regulatory Moves

Meanwhile in other reports, the European Union and the United States are moving ahead with formulating a draft code of conduct on artificial intelligence. The EU has had an early start in the race to outline a legal architecture for artificial technology, but the bloc has reached across the Atlantic to get the largest economy to join the pioneering move.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken admitted on Wednesday that the Western countries have shown a 'fierce urgency' to put in place AI regulations. Part of the reason for the haste is the outsize role of China in the emerging industry.


According to the European Commission Vice-President Margrethe Vestager, apart from the EU and the US, countries like Canada, UK, Japan and India should be brought on to the platform. She said generative AI represents a 'seismic change' in the field of technology and therefore, a comprehensive regulatory response is needed to deal with the 'categorical shift'.

"We will be very encouraged to take it from here. To produce a draft. To invite global partners to come on board. To cover as many as possible ... And we will make this a question of absolute urgency to have such an AI Code of Conduct for a voluntary signup," she said at the panel session on generative AI at the US-EU Trade & Tech Council (TTC).

ChatGPT Climbs 9 Positions in One Month

Veza Digital said as many as 847.8 million unique visitors visited OpenAI's website in March. This helped the website climb nine positions in the ranking within 30 days. The report also adds that most of OpenAI's traffic comes from the United States.

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