Open AI all Set to Launch Android App for ChatGPT Lovers, Featuring New 'Customized Instructions' Feature

This release comes on the heels of the ChatGPT app's successful launch on iPhones a few months ago.

Generative AI pioneer OpenAI has announced that their popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT, will be available for Android users next week. This release comes on the heels of the ChatGPT app's successful launch on iPhones a few months ago.

According to a tweet from OpenAI, the ChatGPT for Android app will be available for pre-order in the Google Play Store beginning today, with an official deployment set for the following week. The Android app will be quite similar to the iOS app, which allows users to sync conversations and preferences across devices. While the Android deployment is anticipated to begin with users in the United States, OpenAI has not revealed specific plans for spreading to other countries.

ChatGPT android App

ChatGPT for Android will closely resemble its iOS counterpart, allowing users to seamlessly sync their chats and preferences between devices. While the initial rollout is expected to be limited to users in the United States, OpenAI has not yet revealed precise intentions for spreading to other nations. Those who are anxious to get their hands on the app can "pre-register" on the Google Play Store, which ensures that users receive timely notifications when the software becomes available.

In addition to the release of the Android app, OpenAI has released an interesting new feature dubbed "customised instructions" for ChatGPT. This feature, which is currently in Beta for Plus customers, allows users to send explicit instructions to the AI chatbot for future talks. Users have complete control over these personalised instructions and can update or delete them at any time. Furthermore, the information supplied with the chatbot will not be visible to visitors of shared links, maintaining privacy. Users are cautioned, however, to use third-party plug-ins with caution, as the model may communicate relevant information with plug-in developers based on the instructions supplied.

OpenAI is constantly striving to improve, and they just made significant changes to the ChatGPT iOS app. These changes include the integration of Bing for Plus plan customers and the enhancement of the history search feature, which makes the AI chatbot even more powerful and user-friendly.