OnlyFans Star Daniella Hemsley Banned from Boxing Final after Flashing Boobs to Celebrate Victory as Video Continues to Break the Internet [WATCH]

Hemsley, who has gone viral since her boob-flashing incident on Saturday, is taking "some time away from boxing," according to a statement from the promotion.

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OnlyFans star Daniella Hemsley did a bit too much by flashing her boobs to a packed stadium. Hemsley won her first-ever boxing match on Saturday, but she has now been banned from participating in the upcoming Kingpyn Boxing final due to a live TV incident where she flashed her boobs after her victory over Aleksandra Danielka

The promotion made an official announcement regarding the decision. Although the OnlyFans star offered an apology for her actions in her post-fight interview by explaining that her emotions had simply overwhelmed her in the heat of the moment, the organizers weren't impressed as her actions drew severe backlash.

Banned for Flashing the Crowd

Daniella Hemsley
Daniella Hemsley seen flashing the crowd after her win on Saturday Twitter

Kingpyn confirmed on Wednesday in a statement that Hemsley would not be appearing at their tournament final later this year.

"As we strive to bring fans the best influencer boxing events possible, we accept that Saturday's post-fight incident may have offended some viewers and appreciate that this incident didn't meet the standards expected from Kingpyn fight nights," the statement read, according to The Sun.

"We apologize fully to anyone upset during the broadcast. The fighter involved in the incident will not be appearing in the Final event."

Hemsley, who has gone viral since her boob-flashing incident on Saturday, is taking "some time away from boxing," according to a statement from the promotion.

As of Wednesday, it seems she had not yet responded to Kingpyn's statement.

It appears that Hemsley had a pre-planned celebration in mind after beating Danielka in the KingPyn Boxing event in Dublin. The plan involved tassels being attached to her nipples, but things didn't go as intended.

Instead, Hemsley ripped off her bra, fully flashing the live audience. Her celebration took an unexpected turn and garnered significant attention and reactions from those in attendance at the 3Arena.

Daniella Hemsley
Daniella Hemsley's action left her fans stunned Twitter

However, during her post-match interview, she said that she had approval from the organizers. "I got approval from the promoter," Hemsley claimed.

The social media influencer expressed her apology in a celebratory Instagram post.

"I also apologies to anyone who may have felt offended by my excitement, I did actually have tassels on but the sweat stuck them to my bra lol," Hemsley wrote in her celebratory Instagram post.

Facing Social Media Backlash

Kingpyn initially didn't speak about the incident but later after review decided to ban Hemsley as she faced severe backlash online. Her X-rated act of flashing the live audience during the boxing event received mixed reactions, with some people expressing disapproval or discomfort over the incident.

Daniella Hemsley
Daniella Hemsley Instagram

However, the backlash wasn't limited to her fans and critics. Hemsley's viral moment has also sparked discussions and conversations within the boxing community.

Promoter Eddie Hearn and two-time gold medalist Claressa Shields have both criticized and condemned the incident.

"I hate it, we've worked so hard for women in boxing to be respected for their ability, for their merits, for their hard work," Hearn told Boxing Social.

Hemsley, 22, is not just a participant in the KingPyn influencers boxing tournament with a record of 1-1, but she is also an internet personality, having an OnlyFans account.

Her online presence extends to TikTok, where she has amassed a substantial following of 255 thousand followers, and her Instagram account showcases an audience of 122 thousand followers.

Daniella Hemsley
Daniella Hemsley Twitter

"Not your average Barbie Doll," Hemsley said in her multi-fight deal with KingPyn Boxing prior to her victory. "I'm built different. You have no idea who is coming for you."

On April 22, Hemsley competed in her first exhibition match as part of the opening round of the women's KingPyn tournament. It was during this match that she showcased her boxing skills and started her journey in the tournament.