OnlyFans Model Monica Huldt Reveals Past Struggles in Adult Entertainment

OnlyFans has changed the lives of many content creators and sex workers among many other people who were associated with different professions. Now, we have yet another success story where a former teacher is making considerable money and leading a happy life after joining the platform.

Stripper-turned-OnlyFans Model

Swedish model Monica Huldt has opened up on her struggles with The Sun and how her life changed through OnlyFans. The former teacher was working as a stripper in clubs for survival but it was an exhausting job due to long hours. She said, "I was on day shifts in a strip club, which are notoriously hard, and I barely made enough to pay my rent – let alone for things like food."

She claims that the clubs are not the "nicest" places to work sometimes as there can be "a lot of grabbing".

The model was going through a difficult phase following her father's demise due to cancer and she was "confused", "upset" and "depressed." Her mother was not happy over her decision to work as a stripper. They are not still in talking terms.

In a bid for a better future, the model moved to Los Angeles, but she did not get work and the struggle continues as it also impacted her mental health. She claims that many people opted to do escort service but she was unwilling to get down to such levels.

Why She Stood Away from Escort Service

Monica Huldt added, "I have nothing against it but by that point, I was with my now-husband John and when you're in a relationship even stripping is very hard. You put so much into working and giving people attention, when you get home you have nothing left."

She claims that her hubby was very supportive but his earning was also not up to the mark as his personal training business had just taken off. She added, "More than anything he knew it wasn't what I wanted to be doing, I was super depressed and sad."

After OnlyFans was launched in 2016, she joined the platform. She said, "When OnlyFans started, I kinda jumped on that and it started to grow and grow, and then when the pandemic hit that's when it really kicked off. "I feel so blessed that I am where I am right now."

Talking about the platform, the 37-year-old model said that OnlyFans keeps a lot of girls off the street. However, she was depressed after it was revealed that the website would take down explicit content. She claims, "I saw a lot of people on Instagram laughing, saying things like 'now they have to go work at McDonald's' but it's not a joke to me or the girls I've spoken to."

Many people started worrying about whether they have to return back to their earlier escort service but they are now happy because the content is not being removed.

Nonetheless, she does not like to work as she dreams to be a perfect housewife who fulfills her husband's needs.