A Man Caught by Wife's Friend after He Installed Secret Camera at her Bathroom

A 29-year-old man installed secret spyware at his wife's friend bathroom to watch her naked while she took shower. The victim soon found out about the hidden camera following which she took legal action.

 Man Records Wife’s Friend Showering in Bathroom, Sets Up Spy Camera
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How The Pervert Installed the Camera?
As per a report on Latin Times, Shaun Little (29), extended help to his wife's friend Louise Alexander (32) to repair her bathroom. She accepted his offer although she felt it was a little "creepy".

Reportedly, Shaun Little claimed that there were some issues in the tiling and something needs to be installed to fix the issue, but Louise Alexander asked him whether he could wait as she wanted to take shower.

However, the 29-year-old man told her that he wants to proceed before she goes in. "When he was done, he said he wanted to check the sealant on the tiling was waterproof after I'd showered, which was odd," she said.

After she entered the bathroom she spotted a tiny black box on the radiator in her shower and realized that it was a spy camera. The 32-year-old woman was shocked to know that she was filmed naked.

Taking pictures, filming nude of a person and capturing one's personal moment without their consent is are criminal acts and punishable offences. It is considered an invasion of privacy as per the laws in most countries.

The Accused Arrested
Later, he was arrested after the nude pictures of Louise Alexander, who is a single mom with three children – two sons and a daughter, was discovered on his computer.

The victim is relieved to know that she caught the pervert and wonders what might have happened if she had not discovered the spy camera.

The pervert pleaded guilty at the Basildon Crown Court after the victim found out about the hidden camera.