OnlyFans Model Kazumi Squirts Accidentally Goes to Swingers' Party, Sleeps with 50 Men

An OnlyFans model has shared her "empowering experience" when she visited a swingers' party on her first date with her ex-boyfriend. The California girl had accidentally gone to the place and ended up having sex with 50 men.

An OnlyFans model Kazumi Squirts
An OnlyFans model Kazumi Squirts/ Kazumi Squirts Twitter

The 24-year-old has revealed that she came to know about going to the swingers' party when her beau drove her to the sex party with another girl in the car. However, she was not shocked rather the model got excited about getting pleasure on the first date in such party, Kazumi Squirts, whose original name has been changed, told The Sun.

Most Empowering Experiences I've Ever Had
She said, "When we got there and opened the door, we spotted his friend with loads of guys in various states of undress. We had already discussed my interest of swinging parties but I couldn't believe he had brought me to this party. Me and my date looked at each other, he put his hand on my shoulder and said: 'have fun' – so I did!"

Kazumi Squirts claims that she has no qualms about having sex with multiple men on one night because she considers it empowering as she follows her sexual urges.

She said, "It was surprisingly one of the most empowering experiences I've ever had. I felt like I was always in control and that my pleasure was the focal point. Between all these consensual adults I felt like my experience was being catered to the most."

'50 was What I Wanted and 50 was What I Got.'
While sleeping with many men on one night might be a daunting task for some, but Kazumi Squirts was never tired as she knows her limits. She claims, "I was only going to do as much as I was comfortable doing. I wasn't going to push myself, but 50 was what I wanted and 50 was what I got."

Nonetheless, Kazumi Squirts claims that nobody touches her without her consent and she decides the partners with whom she likes to have sex. The experience was good as all men were "sweet and respectful."

'it wasn't like an adult movie'
The OnlyFans model further adds, "They didn't hover or crowd around me, it wasn't like an adult movie, no one was trying to be intimidating or create anything but a great experience for me. In between sessions, the guys would crack jokes, talk to one another, sit down with me, give me massages, the whole shebang. I felt pampered and spoiled."

However, the model says that people would think that she ended up making love till one of two "orgasmed", but the fact is she spent only one or two minutes with each partner. She said, "Also it wasn't like a seven-hour marathon, it was more like, an hour or two with lots of breaks. I'd choose five or seven guys, slip off with them for about 10 minutes then come back out, refuel with snacks and when I felt frisky again I'd grab another group."

She ended on the note that they had protected sex and had a good time.