OnlyFans Model HawkHatesYou Distances Herself from Arrested TikTok Star Digitalprincxss; to Sue a Publication

A TikTok star and OnlyFans model (@HawkHatesYou) is angry and fuming over a media report for unnecessarily quoting her allegedly in an irrelevant story. She has vented out her frustration on Twitter.

OnlyFans Model HawkHatesYou Fumes Over Linking her to TikTok Star Marrissa Cloutier
OnlyFans Model HawkHatesYou Fumes and TikTok Star Marrissa Cloutier. Instagram

The OnlyFans model is upset with the report linking her with a TikTok Marrissa Cloutier, who was arrested by the cops for neglecting her four-year-old son on 25 August in Fort Myers, Florida.

Tweet Not Sweet
"Tell me why a fuckin reporter asked me to comment on this bullshit, i said no but i'll talk about how what happened effects sex workers that are parents, he said no thanks but put me in this stupid fuckin article anyways i'm sick of my name being tied to this bitch. [sic]" HawkHatesYou tweeted.

Apparently, a report on Insider mentioned in the story that HawkHatesYou had shelved her planned project with Marrissa Cloutier following the controversy. She had tweeted, "digitalprincxss won't be at the collab, there's ur public statement. anything further asked has nothing to do with me, so stop asking. nobody knew anything until literally today. we planned the collab over a week ago. stop asking for anyone's opinion"

The OnlyFans model revealed that she was planning to take legal action against the publication. Responding to a fan's response, she tweeted, "can u send me the article lol i'm sending them to my lawyer i don't have patience for this. [sic]"

The TikToker's Arrest
Marrissa Cloutier, known as @digitalprincxss on TikTok was arrested by the cops for neglecting her four-year-old son on 25 August in Fort Myers, Florida. Her neighbour had alerted the cops about the child after she found the kid roaming outside, a potentially dangerous place for an unsupervised child.

Upon the cops arrived at her home, Marrissa Cloutier told the cops that she had gone to buy detergent and she was not away for too long. The TikToker changed her statement after the officers found out that she had a half-empty bottle of Tide detergent without a receipt.

Then, Marrissa Cloutier claimed that she had left home to meet her friend who lived 11 miles away after putting her child to sleep at 9 pm. The TikToker admitted that she lied and made a mistake" and that her "anxiety made her lie," the report adds.

As she is a popular face on social media with over 2.2 million followers on TikTok, the news of her arrest went viral and her act was severely criticised by netizens.