CumRocket Rises Post OnlyFans Censorship: Is this a Turning Point For the Adult-themed Crypto?

The x-rated premium based content platform OnlyFans is taking a detour by putting a full stop to nudity on its website and a large number of models who earned a fortune by showcasing their bodies are at risk at losing their income.

A recent study conducted by MrQ shows that the top 10 OnlyFans models earned 270 times more than doctors, engineers and teachers and made between $4 million to $29 million each year.

CumRocket Cryptocurrency Coin CUMMIES

The larger-than-life income still holds potential to explode to newer fortunes and CumRocket cryptocurrency, which offers similar experience but is novice in the industry, stands at a pivotal point to either capitalize on the development or lose it all, as an opportunity this big might never arise again.

Days after OnlyFans announced they would censor adult content on their platform, CumRocket saw a steady upward trajectory signifying that the audience is looking at newer avenues to get their thrills and the crypto needs to grab the opportunity with both their hands and make the most out of it.

Can CumRocket Be The Next OnlyFans?

CumRocket stepping into the shoes of OnlyFans is not an easy task but isn't impossible either. The adult themed crypto needs to focus on hitting mainstream first to reach the popularity of OnlyFans to get millions of people on board to use their service.

Without being mainstream, CumRocket would end up being in competition with other new adult-themed coins such as MILF Token among others and would eventually fizzle out making way for a newer entrant to capture the market.

The developers also need to get serious about listing their coin on several trading apps to receive leverage and ease of buying from investors, as its present way of buying, which is to use exchange swaps and tedious ways to convert them to CUMMIES would put off a lot of investors and not many would tread the path.

CumRocket needs to collaborate with the top 10 models on OnlyFans and also rope in adult stars to promote their platform while signing all of them on the website quickly to fill the void and make the transition from OnlyFans to CumRocket a smoother experience and not miss the opportunity to hit it big.

CUMMIES at the time of publishing was trading at $0.060867 and is up +12.5% in the days trade.