Ong Seong Wu Announces Mandatory Military Enlistment

Ong Seong Wu announced his mandatory military enlistment through an official statement by his agency on Thursday. He will join the military service on April 17 and begin his basic training. After completing the training, he will fulfill his national duty as an active soldier in the military.

Seong Wu's agency Fantagio stated that there would be no special ceremony for the artist's enlistment to minimize the potential of chaos on-site. The new recruitment ceremony will be held as a private event for the families and the new recruiters to spend time together before parting ways.

Fantagio then politely requested the fans to refrain from visiting the artist on the day of his recruitment. The entertainment company then asked his followers to send their warm love and support to the singer for completing his national duty diligently.

The upcoming projects of Ong Seong Wu are K-drama Strong Woman Gang Nam Soon and the films Starlight Falls and Cattle Run. He recently received a notice for his mandatory military enlistment from the Military Manpower Association. So, the former Wanna One member will complete his current schedule by the end of this month and prepare for his enlistment.

Ong Seong Wu
Ong Seong Wu Instagram/Ong Seong Wu

Here is the Complete Statement by Fantagio