From OnePlus 5T to LG V30, here are 5 best smartphones in 2017

To wrap up 2017, IBTimes Singapore has listed five of the best smartphones introduced to the public in 2017.

best smartphones in 2017
Lenovo smartphones are displayed during a news conference announcing the company's annual results in Hong Kong May 21, 2014 (Bobby Yip/Files/Reuters)

The mobile device industry has seen the best in class smartphones released in 2017. From cutting-edge innovations in camera technologies to fancy bezels removal, this year marks an aggressive race among OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to rise above the swarm of smartphones.

To wrap up the year, IBTimes Singapore has listed five of the best smartphones introduced to the public in 2017. In this list, Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy S8 and Apple's iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 have not been included to give way to less hyped phones.

OnePlus 5T (US$499)

Although OnePlus 5T does not have much difference from OnePlus 5, the flagship smartphone has been raking raves from critics. Trusted Reviews particularly emphasises OnePlus 5T's overall performance, software and value as the phone's selling points.

"The OnePlus 5T is a fantastic phone for the price. Its display is gorgeous, software slick and camera reliable. It's also supremely fast and the performance can easily be compared to phones that cost hundreds of pounds more."


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Lenovo P2 (US$250)

For those who are looking for a budget phone with good features, this smartphone can be a great option to buy. Although, it is only available in select markets.

TechRadar underscores the impressive battery life endurance of Lenovo P2.

lenovo p2

"The Lenovo P2 offers incredible battery life and still manages to tick off all the other aspects you'd want from a fantastic budget phone. If you're looking for a phone that lasts over two days, the Lenovo P2 is for you."

Huawei Mate 10 Pro (US$920)

A China-made smartphone that costs as much as the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Huawei Mate 10 Pro joins the fray of competitive handset devices with shameless audacity. It has its fair share of downsides such as the non-expandable storage and absence of headphone jack.

But CNET believes that the phone is a powerful one, saying: "While it doesn't have all the Galaxy Note 8's features, the Mate 10 Pro earns its place in the high-end big-screen pack."

huawei mate 10 pro

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Google Pixel 2 (US$649)

Google delivered a smartphone with a best-in-class camera that seemingly calls Samsung and Apple out. Many critics agree that Google Pixel 2 is a good challenger to industry leaders in regards to camera technologies.

Expert Reviews says: "The Pixel really does set a brand new smartphone photography benchmark, distancing itself even further from both its predecessor and Samsung's excellent Galaxy S8."

google pixel 2

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LG V30 (US$799)

LG has finally released the most good-looking phone it ever created. The curves and metal and glass body of LG V30 make one of the most stunning designs in a smartphone today. Trusted Reviews praises LG for giving up gimmicks in exchange for genuine and useful features.


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